HappySuper babygranny Maria

This little guy entered the world Tuesday morning the 3rd of July weighing 7lbs 6oz, 20 inches long.  Gina and Simon Ramsden named his Jason Lucas.  He is happy, curious, hungry, cranky, sleepy, and poop-y like all babies.  Amazingly beautifully cute are some of the words that just begin to express the feeling of how it is when new life joins the family.  Everyday it is all that we think about and if you are with the baby, you can never get enough.  Thank God for new life….safe, healthy, and so precious.  Mom is recovering from a tough birth and dad goes back to work soon.  Pray with us for these special times of the newest member to our family.

Also pray with us for our Church family.  New life is abounding and this Sunday we are preparing to bring TEN very special souls out of the water of baptism as new members of the family of Jesus Christ.  They are from Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran and Afghanistan.  It is very challenging to prepare them all with the language, cultural and Muslim background differences, but by faith in the saving power of God we are moving forward in discipleship and development as they officially join God’s family.

Please contact us about scheduling a visit this fall.

In October Maria will be travelling in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana.

In November together we will be in Indiana and Illinois.

Rejoice with us during these great times of joy!!!