There are so many cliches associated with turning 40 that I don’t know where to begin.  Let’s begin with the fact that I just turned 40.  I don’t usually do much introspection on birthdays- never have gotten into the hype.  But 40 seems like it might deserve some thought.  Yes, I know those of you who have already blown by that milestone can say that it isn’t a big deal but still…

Joel with Hannah, Leah, Samuel, and Josiah on 40th Birthday in Bedford, IN

Surrounded by kids on 40th

My friend Gil asked, “So what forty things do you want to do on your birthday?”  Running 40 miles is out of the question so I’m going to have to ponder this one.  We did enjoy a lovely breakfast in Indy with a friend at the “City Cafe”.  We then attended meetings with FM Missions leaders where we worked on a strategy for developing partnerships for our time in Burundi.  We also considered what decisions now will allow us to make a healthy transition overseas later. The evening ended in Bedford, IN with family and birthday cake.

I’ve been blessed to know a lot of people and see a lot of places in my life.  Bedford, Greenville, Indianapolis, Nogales, Mexico City, and Spring Arbor have all been stops on the journey.  I’ve made lifelong friends and learned something from each of those places.  It is exciting to think that this year will continue to bring new lessons and places and friends to my life.  I’m thankful.

This year will no doubt also bring many challenges as we prepare ourselves and our kids to live in a different culture and speak another new language.  At the end of four decades, I have learned that God is faithful.  He has called and He will make a way for us.