Welcome to our blog.  Our intention with this blog is to post on a regular basis highlights of what God is doing among us. Those of you interested in the work in Spain, can be informed on what is going on with our family and the ministry. I hope it will encourage you to continue to support the work here through prayer and financial commitment.

It is a beautiful Sunday here in Madrid.  Our Sunday school class has been studying 2  Chronicles 29. We have been discussing how secularism in the church can creep in and how the enemy can use it to stomp the work of the Holy Spirit in the church. WOW!

Then we moved on to talk about how the temple was so important in the life of the Jewish people and how “we” ARE the Temple. Very thought provoking!  Had a good worship time and a potluck after the service.

While we were having lunch at church, we had the opportunity to Skype with gFREE Methodist church, from Gearhartville, PA. We had a short interview with Pastor Noel at both services today, their 9:30am and 11:00am service. We were encouraged talking to Pastor Noel and the congregation. Their wish is to support the work in Spain, and us as their missionaries here on the field… PTL! While we were having lunch here in Madrid, with the Webcam, we introduced the gFREE congregation to our brothers and sisters in Rivas (Madrid)…Thank God for technology !

By Susy Fajardo