We’ve been talking about the Holy Spirit with the 7th and 8th graders at church.  It has been good for me to revisit some of those basic truths as well.  I’ve been looking at Francis Chan’s Forgotten God and recommend it to you as a challenge to live our lives with the Spirit’s leading.

On an Island with the Bible

Chan introduces the topic by asking us to imagine that we have lived on an island for the last 20 years with nothing but the Bible to teach us.  We are then returned to society where we go to an evangelical church service.  What would be the most shocking to us (besides the rock ‘n’ roll music)?  Would we see New Testament truths and ways of living being expressed in our churches?  Would we see a dependence on the Holy Spirit like we see when we read those stories in the book of Acts?

Living and Risking with the Spirit

I confess that too often I rely on my own strength and my own understanding.  I am smart enough and have enough resources to fake it and put on a pretty good show.  But we all know that if we are to walk in step with God and participate in His purposes for the world, it must be with the power and wisdom and strength that only come from the Holy Spirit.  Is there anything in my life that would fail if God didn’t show up?  Are you taking any Spirit-led risks for God that can only succeed if He makes it happen?