Keith looks better with Kali next to him....

Keith looks better with Kali next to him….

Since so many amazing persons have visited us, it is time that we go visit others.  Recently, one of the great visitors was our new director, Pastor Keith Cowart, from Columbus, Georgia.  He met with Kali and Alkaios in Athens.  Maria and I drove to join them at their new flat.  There is a lot to work on.  Kali’s ministry is taking off.  The daycare for the kids whose mothers are working at the new sewing business is going very well.  Set Free Movement helped get “Nea Zoi’s” new ministry started.  Pastor Keith is  giving direction and helping improve the work.  Thessaloniki Church is happy to announce new babies and new brethern joining the family.  Many are growing in their faith.  Others are working through problems.  God keeps surprising us and each week is exciting.

Israeli couple from Jerusalem

Israeli couple from Jerusalem

At the beginning of May, Joel and Teresa came from the Jerusalem House of Prayer called Succat Hallel.  They are young and full of life.  They stirred up the Greek youth by visiting 7 youth groups.  Our hope and prayer is to connect the youth of Thessaloniki and Jerusalem.  It could be very explosive.  In the first centuries as the Jews and Greeks were together, the Gospel power could not be contained.  Likewise the Bible combination of Hebrew and Greek has changed the world.  Why not believe something amazing also for this generation as well!!!

Helping out at soup kitchen

Helping out at soup kitchen

On May 18, Pastor Steve R from Saddleback Church visited us and spent the afternoon.  It was a great blessing  and encouragement.  Thessaloniki enjoys the attractions of many great people of all ages and all  kinds and from all places.  The thing that has really encouraged us over these last two years is the steady flow of youth interns coming from FM families, Reach Mission, YWAM and others.  On June 1, Matt Williams is coming back with others to spend a couple months serving in Greece.  For the past 6 months, we have enjoyed 6 great young people mostly from Ohio and the Reach mission.  They jumped into the work here serving, worshiping, sharing and helping.  Mostly, they are fresh out of high school and ready for adventure.  It has been very rewarding to see them develop here and discover so much.  We hope and pray that others will join them by coming for internship.  The opportunity is to learn to pray, worship, serve and grow in knowing God.  The invitation is open to anyone that the Lord puts Greece on their heart.

On June 9th, Maria and I fly to Houston.  Here is our schedule.

June 10-16 at Louisiana Family Camp

June 16 to July 7 in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia

July 7-15 on Family Reunion trip to Colorado

July 15-31 at Wabash Family camp in Indiana and Illinois

August 1 back in Thessaloniki

So we hope to visit you too and thanks for the prayers, support, and encouragement.