I just found out that an amazing young man named Mohammed killed himself three days ago on the railroad tracks behind a refugee camp.  I so enjoyed talking to him 10 days ago and I hoped to talked to him again.  Unfortunately, I will never see him again. He is gone. What a shame!!!  He had so much going for him, and yet inside he must have been haunted and could not find escape.  Alone and troubled, he ended his life to stop the torment.  I talked and shared some of my personal stories of God’s help in my life, and he listened, yet his pain was too strong to give God a chance.  Pray for the young men.  They are the last ones left in the camps. They are the lowest priority.  Of course, they are suspected of being potential terrorist with all the bad news.  Yet, I only find them to be very sweet young lives that have had their country destroyed and their futures are in endless limbo…

Good News Team smallFor this very reason, we are very excited that the Good News Team is coming from Egypt on June 19, 20 and 21 to sing them songs of hope and encouragement.  Pastor Raif Azab of the FM Eastern Christian Church in Jersey City is leading the group and will be bringing the message of hope after the concerts.  The concerts will be in the new Refugee Care Center here in Thessaloniki on the first night.  We hope to gather our Syrian and Iraqi refugees from around the city, break the fast, and sing of God’s love with Middle Eastern melodies. The second night will be in the city of Serres where there is a large camp of Yazidis near a university.  By faith an amphitheater has been offered for a Greek Arabic evening of melodies of hope and encouragement.  There are 400 seats and we believe that it will be full.  The third night will be the best. The other main church in Thessaloniki doing strong and solid ministry to the refugees will host the choir and celebration of God’s mercy at the Apostolic Church.  Pray with us about these ministry opportunities and believe with us for great results.  Of course, donations are welcome. Please contact us for instructions at longmm@the.forthnet.gr

Besides great ministry events, God is giving us a great team. For all this past two years, we have not had long term Arabic workers.  Now we have four:  Hani, Samia, Melek, and Jasmine.  Soon there will be more.  This is a great blessing.  This month we also have a team from Nazarene University in Oklahoma and a YWAM group from Hawaii.  Also a Blues Band is coming for 10 days.  All this is happening because God wants to touch the souls of those stuck in Greece.  Please pray for us this month of heavy ministry activity.  Click on the “Donate Now” under Greece needs your support in the right hand column if a gift is on your heart..  Thank you so much.

Please come and see the unique and amazing work that is currently going on all over Greece and here in Thessaloniki.  Take the refugee challenge.  From Sept 21 to Oct 1, whether you cycle or you serve on the ground team, it will be exciting and life changing.  If you can’t come, send someone else.

At least watch this video from last year and dream with us ….Video with some of our team  How many of the Thessaloniki staff and refugees can you recognize?   Hint … 1.21, 1.25, 1.34, 1.40, 1.44, 1.48, 1.52, and many more.  Total is 9 persons.  Name them if you can?

Remember us in June!!!