Yonny LaraFrom Argentina,the anointed man of God, Yonny Lara, brings the fire of a 19 year old Latino from a land of revival. As a inspiration to youth, God uses brother Yonny to raise up gifted new leaders of the next generation. Youth are the future.

It is extremely important that the young people of Greece catch fire and become all that God has created them to be.  Just because the future is very dismal in Greece, does not mean that the youth have to leave the country to escape this fate.  They have the potential to shape the future and change history.  Our youth are the hope of a better tomorrow.  Pray that a youth movement begins to gel in Greece.

Friday, March 20 through Sunday March 22 youth will be challenged in Thessaloniki at the FM Church “Anagenesis”.  Several churches are joining together to dream for new Daniels, Josephs and young apostles.  Thank you for your prayers and support of the believers in Greece.