A Passion for Healthcare Ministry

Scott Ganton squatting in doorway of primitive hut at Kumbya camp

No, our dwellings at the meeting were not quite this primitive!

The FM Healthcare Fellowship (formerly FMMF) convened last weekend in Middlebury, Indiana for the annual convention with attendees from across the United States.  Some of the original members were present as well as a number of new faces.  Dr. Tim Kratzer writes:

The first gathering was referred to as a Theological Consultation of the Fellowship and was held on the campus of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore , Kentucky in the fall of 1961. We gather this year to renew our passion for medical ministry in the Wesleyan Holiness understanding of the Gospel.

You can read more about the Fellowship here.  Suffice it to say that this was an encouraging group of people who are passionate about seeing God work in and through them both locally and globally.  Next year’s fall meeting will be at Roberts Wesleyan College so plan now to attend or let your healthcare friends know so that they can take advantage of this opportunity.

More Questions Than Answers?

We had several intentional conversations with people who have served in Burundi or who are have worked with the Burundian leaders in a variety of ways.  However, where once we were the church pioneers and “parents” we now find ourselves partnering and participating with the national church.  This, my friends, is not an easy transition for any of us to make!  I appreciated the thoughtful questions asked and issues raised as we told our story and spoke of our journey thus far to Burundi.  We don’t have answers for most of those questions (and we might even have a few questions of our own to add to the list!)  But we do know that we can count on God showing up in supernatural ways and leading all of us.  As God gives us grace to be flexible and available, we trust that His purposes will be fulfilled.

Your Turn

Is God doing that in your life?  What hard or unanswerable questions are you facing these days?  We’d love to pray with and for you even as you are praying for us…