It is a new year already and I don’t know about you, but for me this past year flew by and some times it feels like it was never going to end, do you know what I mean?

In our church in Rivas 2012 we declared it “The year of God’s faithfulness “ and we thank God that we have truly seen his faithfulness in big and small ways.

Two big events took place in 2012  in our church building (more like a warehouse) This past August we had a Youth Urban Camp with the Lanzarote and the Rivas church. We were able to accommodate all the youth right in the building and some of the leaders as well. November we had our first ever Prayer conference weekend; we invited all the leaders from our churches in Spain as well as other churches to join us in prayer, and even some USA supporters came and blessed us greatly. Again, hosting the whole weekend right in our building. We would not have been able to do anything like this in our previous facility.

We thank God for this building, its location and square footage, for it allows us to do things at a lower budget. As I mention before, this building is really a warehouse so it does get cold in the winter, we have some heating but not enough. Please help us pray that God will provide for proper heating so we can use the building as much in the winter as we do in warmer weather!

Giving Thanks…

¨     Thank God for his faithfulness…

¨     Thank God for our supporters; those who give and  those who pray regularly for us.

¨     Thank God for the new people in our church.

¨     Thank God for our daughters’ good grades this year.

¨     Thank God for spiritual growth and maturity amongst the leaders of our Rivas church.

Ways in which you can pray:

¨     Pray for adequate heating in our church building

¨     Pray for more financial support. Even though we have made really good progress compared to last year, we are still 10,000 in the red.

¨     Pray for continued support for2013 for our MSA and CSA. As of now we only have 50% committed. The country support account (CSA) is crucial to help us transition to national leadership. Consider funding the future of the FMC in Spain.


If you would like to part of supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country, you can give directly on line:  or

Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or ¨The Fajardos”.

Please pray about supporting our ministries with a special New Year gift!

Also, please encourage your church to continue or perhaps even increase missions giving in 2013.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Thank You for being a blessing to Spain and to Us. We wish you new blessings and new mercies in the New Year.