A big secure house,
the brick wall around it,
our kitchen that comes with Moïse,
the good food he cooks,
the cows that are killed for it,
water to drink, and wash in,
a filter to clean it and keep us healthy,
shoes and clothes to wear,
the rain that washes away the dust,
making the plants grow,
a trampoline to jump on in the rain,
school supplies,
books to learn from,
and to read for fun on bored days.
My supportive, loving parents,
a sister to play and share secrets with,
two funny little brothers,
who fill the house with laughter,
the churches that support my family,
all of my pets that make me happy,
and the ones who are in a better place.
The ability to read,
write and spell,
knowing how to handle children and animals.
The sun rising over the Burundian mountains,
and setting over the Congo mountains,
the grass that covers our yard,
the beautiful sparkling lake,
the fish that come from it,
the cool breeze in Mutanga Nord,
clouds that make pictures in the sky,
His calling us to Burundi,
the peace that CHRIST gives us when we trust,

dark chocolate to keep my mom happy,
the clinic my dad works at,
the cheerful city we see from our balcony,
all of our friends here in Africa,
B.I.C.C, the place where we worship God,
the beach at Club du Lac,
And the certainty of home, the one we live in,
and the one that lives in us.

Hannah Miller
March 2015