Hello, our friends.  Finally, our new blog post is being sent out.  Hope this post gets through to you and finds you doing well. It has been a long time since our last post.  Too long … and we are very sorry.  We hope to catch you up on God’s working in our lives, ministry, and nation …. with a rapid blast of several posts.  Let us know if you “like” our new blog. Pressing news is that Greece will be holding elections on Sunday, May 6.  The outcome is still not very clear. No one party will win.  Only a “mishmash” coalition, of several of the 10 parties expected to get on average of 10 percent of the vote, might attempt to govern the nation during this critical, historical day.  Pray that God will extend his hand on Greece. Our prayer house ministry is holding a prayer night vigil on Friday, May 4. Pray with us for GREECE! On Monday, May 7, Maria and I are flying to Chicago to celebrate our daughter, Christi’s, graduation from Spring Arbor University on May 12.  It is going to be a great party. She has done so well and developed into an amazing adult.  She is going to spend two months on staff at the House of Prayer in Traverse City, MI and then come to Greece.  She be a brides maid in her sister’s wedding. Yes, Kali is getting married.  You will get more of her news in our next post. Also, we will post our schedule too. Hope to hear back, Mike and Maria