After two weeks of new government, Greece attempts to pull off a miracle out of desperation.  Everyone is holding their breath and hoping for a chance to get through the huge mess.  Youth and daring are on our side.  Inexperience and lack of trust are against the new effort.  So much of the political talk has sounded like a gospel promising that a Hope is Coming. Yet, all the attention is a person, and God is out of the picture.  Interestingly, this past month Maria and I have met a Parliament member and a corruption investigator that is about to uncover the black money market.  Both are spiritual leaders and stand for righteousness in the land.  Clearly, God is working behind the scenes to answer our prayers.  Yes, there are leaders like Joseph and Daniel in our government.  So keep praying for Greece and the crucial days that again we face.

aristotle u of thMuch of my time recently has been spent trying to start a Doctorate Research Project here at the school of Theology of the University of Thessaloniki.  The project will research the spiritual renewal in the first centuries and in last century in Egypt among the Coptic Orthodox Christians.  Hopefully, valuable insights and connections will be made to open the way for spiritual renewal in Greece too.

Today, Maria and I are flying to visit Gina and Simon in UK.  They have a new home and we get to warm it up.  It will a fun get away for a week.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!