Tomorrow marks five weeks since we left the USA. Five weeks of sleeping in five different homes. Five weeks of wearing skirts, and walking in flip flops (the kids have already worn through their first pairs and we had to purchase all new ones). Five weeks learning to value water and electricity, eating more beans and rice than we thought possible, sleeping under mosquito nets, and just absorbing our new culture. Five weeks – an eternity to some, a blink to others. Five weeks. I am pleased to share that after five weeks, we are still at peace with God’s call on our lives. We are united as a family and committed to loving each other through all the challenges and joys of this transition. Five weeks with Jesus makes all the difference. Thank you for continuing to encourage us and pray for us in these days. Please continue to pray for the warts on Sam’s and Josiah’s feet. We are trusting God to remove them in his time and give us the wisdom to help them. We are pleased that they do not seem to be inhibiting their play or walking now.