Since October of 2016, a small group of unemployed, refugees and migrants have been striving to start a Coop company for social benefit.  The monster resisting their persistent perseverance was and is bureaucratic lethargy and governmental complexity.  Lead by none other than Kali Long, this amazing group has finally gained approval to legally launch the exciting new operation called MIA Tribe.  The team includes 5 unemployed Greeks, 1 Armenian, 3 Iranians, and 1 Nigerian.  One is a single mother.  Another is a mother of 4.  This social enterprise is not just for these 10, they are set up to train and engage many more refugees and vulnerable people by giving them job experience, skills, constructive accomplishment and even just a simple enjoyable activity to break the endless boredom of people trapped in limbo.  Please help this bold and courageous new ministry succeed and impact 100’s by praying, ordering and donating.  Your investment and backing will effect lives for eternity.

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Thank you so very much for your interest and support.  We will keep you updated as things takes shape and move forward.  Please help spread the word.