There is no place like your home church.  Where you belong.  Where God has called you.  With the members who are your spiritual family. Even if everything goes wrong, the Spirit still shows up and ministry happens spontaneously.  Not to mention the fun of my wife translating and completing my sentences as I preached.  The worship in Greek and English warms the heart.  The colors of the faces fill the seats with joy.  Prayers for the hurting continue after the final amen.  Kisses and warm embraces take place all around the room.  Requests for baptism and discipleship happen without solicitation.  It was great to run around 7 weeks (literally 35 days on the road) telling believers everywhere how great my home church is and how needy Greece is, but it is nothing like the joy of home and serving my Lord.  I hope everyone reading this feels the same about their spiritual home.

savvatokyriakoSo how is your weekend shaping up?  This is what Maria and I have going on.  A new couple that have been attending our church since I was away has organized a three day prayer walk for Thessaloniki, Macedonia, and the Balkans. Isn’t that awesome?  Maybe I should be away more? A week ago Tony, a fellow missionary here in Thessaloniki, called and asked to use our church to pass out 1000 bags of food supplies on Saturday. This project is funded by Convoy of Hope and  our city is full of needy and hungry families. Also a youth from the Lagadas Church wher we served for 6 years is getting married Saturday evening.  Maria dreamed about making him her son-in-law when the girls were little.  Now, there are other son-in-laws and Asterios which means star in Greek has found an amazing life mate.  To top off the whole weekend, I get to preach about what of my favorite themes, Prayer and houses of peace.  So I sincerely wish you a Great Weekend or as we Greeks say it Kalo Savvatokyriako!!!!

So whenever a missionary goes on furlough, or as they say these days, partnership building, afterwards everyone asks him so “How did it go?”  It is a code question which can mean various inquiries, but usually it means so “Was the fund raising successful?”  By all early signs, our funding is still in the red.  Our approach is to minister as strongly and honestly as possible presuming that encouraged churches and individuals will bless and invest in our ministry for the work in Greece. We don’t worry about money.  The ONE who call us has promised to take care of all the needs of our CALLING.  Thanks for praying and giving.