Growing with CommunitiesThis weekend participants are gathering from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Belgium, Romania, Albania and Spain at our church for a 4 day training event called Community Church planting from the 22nd to the 25th.  Raouf, Josh and Jose will be leading and the 20 participants will be planning on small groups growing all over Europe with many nationalities.  Pray for insight and inspiration.

Maria and SamiaSamia Emaish joined us for a great time with the refugees for this past month over the holidays.  Maria and her were inseparable.   Everyday they visited homes and even went to Athens.  Samia hosted a Syrian family in her apartment that Maria became the “godmother” of her baby when she was born in the Athens hospital this summer.  One Syrian Lebanese man has become a Christian and God showed him favor so that he could find a job.  Arabic ministry is going strong, but now we are left without translators until Samia comes back. Pray that the Lord provides Arabic workers for the harvest.

Lucia and GregFinally, after 20 years I am taking a two month research study Sabbatical in Egypt.  As a doctoral research student at the School of Theology at the University of Thessaloniki, I will be an exchange student at the Cairo Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center from Feb 7 until March 29.  This hopes to be a great time of learning, connecting and catching up on this research project which has suffered by diversion of the urgent refugee crisis ministry opportunity.  Fortunately, Rev. Lucia and Greg Delamarter are coming to cover for me and help the ministry continue moving forward. Pray for Maria staying home during this time to keep things going.

Family on New Years 2018But the most exciting news is that this summer our family is expecting a new addition and we will get to enjoy the fun of being grandparents.  After Christmas, our family got to have a great holiday together.  Now we are anxiously awaiting a summer in England around a crib welcoming a new life to the Long Tsangalidou Ramsden clan.

Thank for your love and support.  May 2018 be the best year ever!!!