WOW!!! There is so much to be thankful for that everyday should be Thanksgiving!!!

Recent thanks are  for a deeper bond with Lord Jesus, for a growing family more scattered than before, an amazing wife (and hope she says the same about me), for health when colds remind us how fragile life is, and for interesting developments in ministry.  Our church here in Thessaloniki is fun, and blessed where God is real amongst the problems and pains of everyday life.  I hope each one of you can say the say same thing too.

Highlights of this past month:

  1. Training in Jerusalem was unforgettable and transformational.  The spiritual understanding gained is beyond expectations. The connections developed with the growing body of Messiah believers encouraged our souls. God is doing amazing things in Israel these days.  There is a strong expectation that God will again do something there in Jerusalem that will change history and affect the whole earth. We are greatly encouraged about the Prayer House vision here in Thessaloniki.
  2. Lucien and Molly Behar visited us here from Oct 24 until Nov 5.  Their ministry was received very warmly.  Many recommitted their hearts to the Lord. A few Pakistan refugees prayed for Christ to come in their hearts.  Lucien has a special anointing in Greece that speaks powerfully to the spiritually needy here.  Thank you Lucien and Molly for honoring Thessaloniki.
  3. On November 17, our church together with other churches and ministries hosted a Convey of Hope food distribution to a thousand needy persons in Thessaloniki. Over 300 NT were given away.  Many were prayed for. Friendships were made.  It was a great out-coming.  In a time when money is so short, it was a great to give a positive boost with the love of God.
  4. Simantov and Linda Allaouf from Tiberius, Israel visited from Nov 12 to 22.  His father was born here in Thessaloniki before WW II and was sent off to Auschwitz as the age of 17.  By sere miracle, he and his mother survived, … but like so many deeply damaged.  The long story shorten is that he grew up in Canada.  Around 1990 a few years after his mother found the love of Yeshua and somehow forgave the Germans, he surrendered his life also to the Lord.  As a Messianic Jew with roots in Thessaloniki, he shared a powerful message to the believers here.  So much healing needs to take in our city that saw 50,000 Jews get shipped off to the camps of death. The bond and reception from the believers was very deep and therapeutic. God has started to restore the injustice of the past. God has begun a great relationship between Jewish believers and the home of their ancestors here in Thessaloniki. It is so exciting to have the opportunity to bless Israel at least in a small way.
  5. After 9 years, our congregation finally received official church registration from the Greek government.  On Wed. Nov 21, a deacon in our church, Frank, was married to Maria also from our congregation.   For those who know him and his 12 walk with us, you can rejoice with him.  Fittingly, he is the first to be married by our church. Others are in the waiting list.
  6. Today, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, our church served a turkey meal. Maria cooks with a team every Sunday.  Ilias Armenis from Athens shared about exciting street ministry. There was a lot of victory and rejoicing in the house.

Next Month:  five interns join us from REACH mission, a baptism of a believer from Iran,a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, and a possibly a youth worship night.

Financially, we are deeply grateful for the faithful support of all of you on our team. Our accounts need $30,000 by the end of year. Thank you for your prayers for this need.