The end of summer 2012 is fast approaching. Our girls started school this week and it seems like we are suddenly thrown back to “normality”

What does summer time mean to you?   For us summer means a few different but significant things. It means we pack up and lock up our house here in Rivas and head over to the other side of the ocean (USA) for what we are calling these days “Partnership building” .

Every summer we visit our supporting churches and reconnect with friends, prayer and financial partners. We try to cover as much territory as possible, for example this summer we traveled over 4,000 miles between the states of PA, NJ, VA, GA and FL.  Participated in 2 Annual conferences and the first Hispanic Summit in Tampa, Fl

We traveled mostly by car and took a few flights. We slept in many different homes and got to enjoy a variety of meals due to the generosity of the churches and people. The best part of summer travel is getting to spend time with supporters, old friends and meeting new ones along the way.  One of the new friends we met this summer is Pastor Chuck Jewel and Wife Susy from New Castle PA. We met them in June, and this August they joined the team from Alexandria FMC that came to help with our urban youth camp.

Our summer travels are over. Now it is time to reconnect with our church and our every day life here. Right about this time every year we thank God for the ability to transition in and out from what seems  two worlds (USA and Europe), different language, foods, schedules, etc… God is good and we once again have seen his hand  protecting us on our many trips, protecting our  health and our emotions.

Thanks to all our supporting churches for receiving us and taking care of us during these last two months. Thanks again to the Alexandria FMC church and the New Castle PA church for sending us a wonderful team …

Susy, for the family