ePISTOLHAAAA (2)On Sunday March 8th, one of the verses that I preached on was that in Genesis 47:10. It simply says, “Jacob blessed Pharaoh.”  So under conviction myself to be a spiritual leader who blesses our political leader, I wrote this letter and sent it to Greece’s Prime Minister, Aleksis Tsipras.  When I read it in church, the response was so positive that we printed up 5,000 flyers.  Pray that as our churches passes these flyers out, it will be read and the response will likewise be positive.  Also continue to pray for a miracle for the salvation of Greece …. heart, soul, and body … emotionally, spiritually, and economically.

Here is the letter in English.


Greece needs a miracle!

Dear Mr. Prime mister,

I congratulate you for your election.  For the good of Greece, I hope your promises come true …. at least half of them.  Your assignment is extremely difficult.  The country is on the verge of collapse.  The risks are extremely high.  Millions of good citizens are depending the government’s success.  Greece needs a miracle.  Wholeheartedly, I wish you good success.

You and your team of ministers have a huge challenge.  In a strange way, you have been given this high calling to guide the nation out of the mess into a stable future.  And even though many including yourself may not believe it, God has placed you as ruler of Greece for this purpose.  Jesus Christ himself said to Pilate, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above”. Therefore, I support you and I am praying that the Creator will direct your leadership to straighten out all the twisted mess.  May you be inspired by creative wisdom! May you relate with partners and adversaries with miraculous favor!  And may you exercise courageous justice to rid the country of corruption and injustice.

Truthfully however, the necessary changes will not produce results and healing to our land, unless “the people turn from their wicked ways and seek my face” says the Lord God Almighty.  Restoration will come to Greece if her people will take the “garden of Eden” that this country is and work together as God intended. Then Greece will be a paradise once again.  This is the miracle that we all are hoping for, and you, Mr Prime Mister, have that potential in your hands just like King Cyrus had for the people of Israel.  May Greece be restored to her God given destiny.

I represent people who believe that this is the hope coming and truly a miracle worth believing.  I, myself, promise to pray for you and to support the government as much as possible.  Greece can not afford any more failure.  May these next four months be recorded in history with one unexplainable development after another.

I wish to you, good power and enlightenment for every decision,

Pater Mixalis

Our God is still a miracle worker. Those who believe and hope in him will see his power.  Not only does Greece need this miracle for the nation, but each life living in Greece needs a personal miracle.

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