Riders on start Lisbon June 2015

On June 12, a great group started from Lisbon and the FM church there. We are cycling the pilgrim trail to Santiago, Spain called the Camino.  We are 17 cyclists and from Europe, America, and Asia.  Algent Bregu and I are representing Greece and Albania.  So far we have clocked 450 km and we have 200 more. Maria joins us today.  We will be at the Madrid FM Church on Sunday before flying to Chicago on Monday. What a great joy it is journey together.  I wish you all could join us.  There are riders, assistants, and spouses.  IMG_2535

May and June were great ministry months.  The evangelistic event with Tom Mahairas was  a great proclamation of God’s hope for Greece.  Many teams have come, gone, and right now there is a team from South Dakota. In the beginning of June, we hosted a team from the UK whose ages were from 50 to 85.  They shared about Healing On The Streets (HOTS) and Healing Rooms.  It was very inspiring and encouraging.  Many were encouraged and touched.

As we travel this summer we hope to see you.

Here is our current Summer schedule so far:

June 22 arrive in Chicago

June 28 Sunday am at Winona Lake, IN FMC and Evening at Journey in Ft. Wayne

July 3 Friday Matthew and Katie’s wedding

July 5 Sunday at Olney, IL FMC

July 9 -16 FM General Conference 2015 in Orlando

July 19 Sunday am at Vincennes, In FMC

July  20-21 Wabash Family Camp

July 29 cook out at Avon, IN FMC

Auguast 1 Erica Beachy’s Wedding

August 4  Return to Greece