route-greeceOn Thursday August 28, 7 cyclists will began a 5 day journey from Thessaloniki to Preveza.  This is not the exact route in picture.  From sea to sea, from coast to coast, from victory city (Thessalo-nike means middle Greece victory) to ancient city Nicopolis which means victory city, this group of riders are determined to cross Greece through the mountains and valleys hoping for personal victory and spiritual victory for the land.  Ideally, this team will explore and test the route for future bigger and better cycling events.  Three riders live in Greece, (Greek, Afghan, and US). One rider lives in Albania. One rider lives in Spain from Honduras. One rider lives in the Netherlands from US.  One rider from US after a business trip to Europe. Remember us in your prayers and follow us

A month ago I helped get my father out of bed for the last time.  A few hours later on July 25, he slipped into eternity.  I hated the fowl disease that robbed him of his best part, his mind.  Alzheimer is a terrible sickness steals the personality from dying loved ones and has no mercy for dignity.  My father lasted a long time and enjoyed the best care thanks to Gay, his beloved wife, but my real father was missing for a long time.  I can’t remember how many years ago that he actually remembered my name.  Dad, if you can hear me, I just want to say that I miss you.

I miss talking about all the different things that he knew so much about.  I miss his endless kidding and the many nicknames that he had for me ….for some reason Cyclops sticks out.  I miss the times that we planned what we could build and make someday.   I miss the interest in my life as I always felt like dad and mom were my best fans.  I hope to honor my father with my life.

Truthfully, my father was a hoarder.  A common tendency suffered by multitudes.   Now some really look down on this quality of so many of the older generation. Yet, I see that deep down there is a belief that there is unmeasured good in everything.  There is potential that has not yet been fulfilled. There is value not yet appreciated.  So also is true for people. No one is trash and each person has great hidden worth.  So I and my brothers have the duty of sorting through my father’s collection.  I hope to be state side to start doing so from Sept 23 until Oct 9.

It was a gift from the Lord to be in the States at my father’s final divine hour. It was wonderful to see everyone. What a blessing this summer was?  Thank you for your prayers, gifts and encouraging words.