Bible stories are often interesting in what they don’t say.  Our Sunday School teacher this week asked, “Where did Jesus get his clothes when he rose from the dead?”  (We didn’t really have an answer to that one.)  Another clothing question that comes to my mind related to Palm Sunday is, “Who is going to wash all of the coats being thrown on the ground for Jesus’ donkey to walk on?”  Yes, these are the questions that inquiring minds are asking!

Soak, Rinse, Spin

Josiah throwing towel in open washing machine as water pours in

Contrary to this photo, Josiah is better at dirtying than cleaning clothes

Related to clean clothes, we want to express a big Thank You to friends from the Bedford, Indiana FM Sunday Schools who have donated a new washing machine for our use in Burundi.  (Thanks also to Hillard Lewis of Jim Day Appliances for helping pick it out.)  This truly is a gift that we’ll use over and over again.  With four kids and the two Burundian seasons of “muddy” and “dusty”, we know we’re going to give that appliance a serious workout!  It will be traveling in a container that is scheduled to sail later this spring.

A Good Start

On Palm Sunday, the Bedford church also took up a special offering toward the cost of our transition to Africa.  They raised $1200!  There are several different costs involved in getting to Burundi and then getting settled there.  These expenses are generally in addition to the monthly costs of living and working at Hope Africa.  If you or your church would like to take on a project suitable for a one-time gift or a bite-sized goal, we’d be glad to talk with you and give you some ideas.