We aMaria and Christmas treere enjoying a great Christmas season with family, church, and refugees.  We pray and hope that you too are experiencing a great time of our Lord’s love and joy also.  Christi, Gina and Simon are here to join us, Kali, Maria, and Mike, for a week of serving and celebrating Christ’s birth on Sunday.  Also Samia is here from Alabama for a month to join Maria in refugee ministry.  Yesterday a mother and her four kids came from Athens to stay with us for Christmas and then return on the 26th.  This is a special Syrian mother.  She was with us here Thessaloniki for 6 months and then relocated in Athens.  When she was to give birth, she had no one to help and Maria went to be with her in the hospital.  Maria ended up spending two nights in the hospital and her compassion was not forgotten.  Now this mother and her children are staying in the apartment below us with Samia. May they come to know God’s love. After Christmas we get to take a family vacation and to welcome the new year together.

School for Refugee disciplesGod’s timing is amazing.  Last November, Gerry and Jan Coates came for a brief visit. They joined Maria at the Refugee Day Center operated by all the Evangelical Churches of Thessaloniki.  Gerry made a refugee friend and introduced him, Mimos, to me.  After many conversations, he finally came to church and began to attend the Al Maseira video series presenting faith from the Genesis to the Gospels for Arabic speakers.  At the same time one of our ministry partners, CV Global, organized a three day school outside Thessaloniki for the new refugee disciples.  Even though he had not yet confessed faith, Mimos and many others of our refugee friends participated.  On the last night, with tears, healing, and revelation Mimos professed faith and welcome the Lord in his heart.  Yes, God is using the refugee crisis to bring the lost sheep of Middle East into his fold.

Mia Tribe team at Christmas partyMIA Tribe is going strong, but still shaky.  Some 9 part-time workers are legally employed and very happy …. as you can tell from the photo.  This is a very a hopeful Christmas for them.  This week Global Ministries of UMC informed MIA Tribe and our Anagenesis NGO that a special project to benefit the refugee, immigrant, and previously unemployed workers of MIA Tribe and the growing number of adopted refugees of our NGO’s Thessaloniki refugee ministry.  The grant is paying for 5 Sparkle Collection packets.   Each promotion packet includes over 50 handmade products and display items which is a wholesale value of $600.  We are looking for partner churches, groups, and individuals who will agree to sell the items and donate the proceeds back to FM mission Greek Development fund which at retail value should double the amount that ultimately funds these important ministries.  So we are looking for partners that will receive these five packets mid January and finish the project by Easter.  If you are interested, contact us by email…. michael.long@fmc-europe.org

Thanks to all of you, our supporters, our funding is doing well.  Our personal support (MSA) is over the top, but our Greek ministry support (CSA) is about $5,000 behind.  We are very grateful being able to serve the Lord this past year.  We have has so many amazing experiences and we got to loving serve and share our faith with more wonderful souls than any of our previous 25 years.  Thank you so much.  If the Lord puts in on your heart to make a contribution before the end of the year, please click on this link and help us catch up on our CSA’s…..Greece Ministry Support

May you have a joyful Christ’s birth celebration and a blessed New Year!!!!