I reread my March post on this subject and realized that I had left out an important piece that led me to His peace.
I spent time praying and asking God what I needed to do to control my night thoughts (which often included a combo of this picture and my four helpless children).
Romans 15:13 was his response.  “May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace (YES, GOD, I need joy and PEACE _ BUT HOW?) as you trust in Him (Okay so I am not trusting you – show me how to trust) so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  His response was “Spend time with me.”  Like you, when I am in God’s presence, I can trust Him – I see His power and I do believe Him, but when I walk away I loose that as I am bombarded by the world and problems.
SO he told me 3 things:
1. STOP THINKING – really – this is the hardest part and the most important step.
2. Listen to me – turn your thoughts to my face and wait for the peace, the joy, the realization that I am trustworthy
3. Breathe my word – whatever scripture I give you, memorize it, carry it with you, speak it to the anxious thoughts, claim it.
I shared this with a friend and her response was, “I tend to over-think, and when I feel like there is a lot to do and my time with God suffers.  I feel like I need to be five people sometimes.”

My response to her, “You are normal in that way – be encouraged. But God desires us to be triumphant, not normal:).”

I am pleased to say in these past 4 months I have been free of the fears that plagued me before.  God is trustworthy.
Praying for you to trust him more.:)