CAHO- People and Places

Although we have attended this conference in Spring Arbor for over a decade now, it felt different this year.  I’m always thankful to hear the stories of people returning from Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo as they are inspiring to us.  But those stories took on a new sense of meaning and urgency this year as I realized that in 9 months I’ll be the one serving in the hospitals and clinic.  Whoa!  That reality forces me to remember God’s faithfulness and to prepare to do my part.

Frank Williams from World Vision was the keynote speaker this year.  His years of experience in Haiti and Africa informed the challenge he gave to the group.  As we look at the huge task of bringing African medical students up to speed with their clinic skills, Mr. Williams words were good reminders.  “Be clear about what you don’t do.”  “Be eloquent about partnering with others.”  “Have a grand vision but be fact-based.”

Being Mentored and Mentoring

There were more friends and colleagues present than we had time to connect with.  We find ourselves in the middle of this group these days.  A number of them have been our “missionary mentors” over the years and we continue to look to them for their insights and wisdom.  Others are younger than us and we enjoy putting the challenge in front of them to serve Africa and the world with their gifts.

CAHO is one of the tools God has used over the years to bring us to this place in our lives- on the edge of years of service in Africa.  I’m thankful that we aren’t on this journey alone.  Rather, we’re surrounded by a “cloud of witnesses” who are praying for us and cheering us on.  Thank you to each one of you who are already praying for us and sharing the journey with us.