The Christmas and New Year celebrations are passed us now and February is coming to a fast end.  I am already hearing and reading from different sources about Easter programs for this year. WOW! Time is flying by… does that mean we are having a ton of fun?

Before I go on, our family wants to give a sincere THANKS to all of you who contributed financially to our ministry. Because of all of you and outside funds, such as “ Love Europe” we were able to break–even in 2012.  PTL!

THANKS to our Area Director Jerry Coleman and our Administrator Larry Winkles for their resourcefulness and involvement in making sure we finish out the year with balanced budgets for both our missionary (MSA) and our country account (CSA). Also, thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and thanks for your emails and letters of encouragement.

January was a busy month for all of us, especially for Josh.  Right after our annual church assembly in Rivas, he traveled to the US for annual missions conference at the Cornerstone Church in St. Petersburg FL; Rochester NY for meetings at the seminary and college Roberts Wesleyan, and visited with leaders at Pearce Memorial FMC and Northgate FMC.


He was encouraged for the opportunity to meet with some pastors and leaders in the Rochester, NY area, while enjoying the freezing temperatures (not a joke, he really enjoys the cold weather).


This month Josh will travel to Emanuel FM church in the Canary Islands for meetings with the church leadership there.  All the while continuing to Pastor our Rivas church with the indispensable help of our associate Pastor Angel. He will also meet with leaders about future work in nearby islands.


Ways in which you can pray this month:

¨     Pray for the Rivas church. The economic crisis is affecting the church members and we may not be able to continue in the current building.

¨     Pray for Pastor Vito, in Lanzarote. He is unemployed and is considering other options.

¨     Pray for continued support for 2013. For our MSA and CSA. As of now we only have 53% committed to our MSA. We need to be at 75% by April 1st. The country support account (CSA) is at 41%. Funds will not be transferred to Spain unless it has been received. This fund helps us expand the FM work and is crucial for training pastors and national leaders.


May God bless you!


Josh and Susy


If you would like to part of supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country, you can give directly on line:  or


Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The “Fajardos”.