Still can’t believe what happened two weeks ago.  Sosipatros (not real name) is from Afghanistan and has been stuck in Greece for three years. He was expelled from his family about 15 years ago when a Red Cross doctor prayed for him and he was healed of a blood clot in his brain.  His family refused to believe the miracle. Sosipatros studied in Istanbul where he finally met his second Christian.  He came to love the Lord that healed him and was baptized. After being denounced by his family, he lived with a passport or ID from around the year of 2000. Soon he was married and worked in East Turkey translating for police dealing with refugees.  Secretly, hundreds believed and were baptized.  The fanatics found out and his home was burned down.  He fled Turkey and came to Greece for safety.  His wife, daughter, and mother in law found passage to Sweden and have asylum there.

Proud owner of white ID

Proud owner of white ID

In the meantime, Sosipatros failed to gain papers in Greece and attempted to sneak across the boarder illegally 7 times.  On Monday Oct 21st, I visited the new European Immigration Services in Athens with Sosipatros with my cleric collar and we hoped that they would be sympathetic of this ordeal.  We waited in line for two hours just to get to the information desk.  Once there finally, they informed us that they take only 3 or 4 persons each day in Sosipatros’ mother language Fasci.  “Please come back the next day and try again.”  Also they told me that my presence was not allowed.

The next day, we rushed to the line at 6 am.  Already, there were 200 persons waiting in the dark.  As I left him, I made plans to stay overnight on the side walk in order to insure a spot in the beginning of the line.  Around 10 am Sosipatros called me full of excitement and he requested that I come pick him up.  HE HAD GOTTEN A THREE MONTH PERMIT, his first ID document in 13 years!!!!  See his big smile outside the line holding HIS MIRACLE.

At 7 am when the Immigration gatekeeper passed through the line asking several times for the person who came with the priest yesterday. Sosipatros realized she was searching for him.  He said, “Who me?”

She complained, “Where have you been?”” He was escorted past everyone else to be finger printed and to began his application.

Operation Joshua NT distribution ... fun times

Operation Joshua NT distribution … fun times

While waiting for the results of the finger print check, persons in the waiting area were being handcuffed and lead away.  Sosipatros was very nervous, but in a short period of time he was told you have clean record.  Full of surprise, he was asked to explain his situation.  The officer was very kind and even appeared to be a believer.  They were so helpful and sympathetic; they even gave him advice as what to say and how to explain himself.  This is normally not allowed.   Once finished, he was told to wait. The others said that it would take a long time. Unexpectedly, he was called to the window again, handed the permit and instructed to come back in two weeks for the interview on this Thursday, Nov 7th.  This too was a sign of great favor. Interviews usually are schedule after two months, his was in just two weeks. God is so amazing.  It was like angels opening the way every step of the way for our dear friend and brother.

All day long Sosipatros was saying, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!  This must be a dream!!!” But it is not a dream, it is a real miracle!  Pray for the 12 noon interview on Thursday and expect the miracle to continue!!!   Financial support for Sosipatros can be sent to the Greece Country Shares by clicking this link …

Here is a picture of him this summer helping to distribute NT’s with Operation Joshua.  He had to hide from the police …. now he does fear being put in jail.

Pray for Maria, Kali, Alkaios, myself and all the Europe team as we meet in Portugal this next weekend Nov 7-11 to sort out the new organization and dream of seeing Europe set free spiritually!!!