In December, Bishop Elie shared these words with Hope Africa University’s graduating class.  They are a good overview of the vision of HAU as well as a timely commentary on Africa.  If you would like to read the full text of his message, go here.

Rector's Address to Class of  2010
May the peace and grace of our God and Creator, the Almighty, be in you and with you.
Permit me to begin my address by thanking God who has walked with us to this day.  The year 2010 is the tenth anniversary year for Hope Africa University.  At the opening of the academic year in February 2011 the University will have existed for 11 years.  Ten years for an institution is not a long history but, nevertheless, it sets a fundamental direction for hundreds of years to come.
Hope Africa University which opened its doors on this campus at Bujumbura on February 3, 2004 actually had its beginnings on Monday, February 7, 2000 in Nairobi, Kenya and, subsequently, said its farewell to the Kenyan capital in December 2003.  The interval of one month allowed us to transport the equipment and personnel to the Burundi capital.
From the beginning the founders of Hope Africa University wished for a university which would make a significant contribution to the development of Africa.  We have begun the University at a crossroads of history, during a period of old endings and new beginnings…
Hope Africa University began with a determination to confront reality.  In that determination we concluded that some traditional forms of study had to give place to new programs.  University education needs to be reformed.  The reform will demand new methods of teaching, new methods of learning and new forms of research.  Certain old patterns of teaching and learning must give way and new strategies begin in order that the African renaissance can take place.
Hope Africa University is determined to play its role.  In fact, we are in process of playing our role by forming men and women who are equipped to face African realities.  Our academic and professional programs are witnesses that we are well engaged in confronting African realities.
What a privilege to join arms with African brothers and sisters to see Burundi transformed for the Kingdom.