Baby refugeeJoseph and Mary slept in a barn which was better than the tents that the refugees sleep in.  Baby Jesus was born without a doctor and laid in a manger.  Many babies have been born in the refugee camps.  I even heard of a baby born on a raft in the sea crossing from Turkey to the Greek islands.  Forced to flee to find peace and safety, thousands of families are fleeing their homelands to hopefully start a new life somewhere else.  Joseph and Mary traveled when they wish that they could have staid home and when it was time to return home, they were instructed to go to Egypt as refugees.  Egypt that hated Jews and still remembered what the God of the Jews had done to them years ago.  Jesus’s family would live among people who despised them.  Likewise the myriads of Muslim refugees are headed to a world where they are hated.  As we Christians visits them at the borders almost every day, may the God of refugee Jesus remind them that he loves them and understands their pain more than anyone else.  May the refugee baby in this picture find peace in his/her heart some day.

Please consider making a gift to the refugees by clicking Bishops’ Crisis Relief Fund designated for Europe Refugees.  Thank you and God bless you.

Christmas 2015Our family is enjoying a very pleasant Christmas Day.  White Elephant gifts, a delicious Maria meal, sweets, games, coffee, and a wood stove fire make the day special and blessed.  Christi is here from the USA.  Kali is here from Athens.  A cousin, Kiki, replaced Gina in the picture.  Gina comes on Wednesday.   Of course, Papous is a standard. At New Years, the gambri/son in laws will join the party.  In the picture, you can also see the new addition to our family.  His name is Raul, an English Bulldog.  We thank you from the depth of our hearts for your friendship, prayers, and gifts that make our life and ministry possible.  You have blessed us.  May the Lord bless you richly in your soul, family and work.