After four long years in Greece, one of our developing leaders, Ahmad, from Iran finally was granted Asylum status this week by the Greek government.  His testimony begins at the 1.45 mark of the ITEC video above.  He is yet another testimony of a refugee finding faith in Jesus Christ.  A miracle of God’s amazing love reaching someone that the world has treated as the least.  Yet, for such as these God sent his Son to demonstrate his love for the world.  REJOICE!!!!

ITEC is a mission that came to Thessaloniki in October to train our team in dental care, eye glass fitting, and media skills.  Since then every Thursday, at our drop in center, refugees have been receiving treatment and encouragement.  We even have a Greek dentist volunteering!  Still the camps around Thessaloniki are in very rough conditions.  Three days a week, refugees enjoy a warm shower, cloth washing, English class, a tasty meal, clothing, kid activities, and a warm place from warm people sharing God’s love at the church.

Yesterday, a Egyptian team cooked a delicious meal for 25 refugees and in Arabic they shared their faith.  Our mission van loaded 16 happy friends of 8 adults and 8 kids from two different camps.  We are enjoying an amazing partnership with teams from Egypt coming and joining the ongoing operations.  Pray for their visa requests and their effectiveness.

Please consider making a contribution to the work here in Thessaloniki.  This past year we have worked so hard to respond to the refugee crisis here in Greece that we have fallen behind and our mission account is in a hole.  Every gift helps out refugees like Ahmad.  We are praying for 50 generous end-of-the-year givers that will contribute $100 donations.  Click here to make a year end gift. Thank You!!!

Merry Christmas and Joy to you all