Thanks to God’s grace and your prayers, the first day of travel was uneventful.  12 suitcases were processed without problem and we made it through security with all 12 carry-ons.  We arrived extra early for our flight which made the day quite long with a 2 hour delay.   On arrival in Toronto we were disappointed to learn that we had to take all 12 suitcases with us to the hotel for the night, but the hotel staff have given us a storage room and a late departure time so we are at the hotel until 2pm today when we will return to the airport to re-process our suitcases and conquer security once more.

  We feel peaceful as we journey on, trusting in God to work out the details.


Please pray with us for the suitcases; we have shifted things and with no scales here, we are praying for a patient, helpful and grace filled agent to greet us today!


How do you fit 4 kids in a queen size bed?   (Josiah is sleeping on a padded luggage stand wedged between the bed and the wall).  Amazingly we all slept through the night!

Thankful for the little things.


And we can’t forget to mention, today is our Hannah’s 10th birthday – trying to find ways to make it special in the midst of crazyness!