Another month zipped past and now Pascha Easter is before us.  God has blessed us with an amazing month of connecting with new partners for ministry. (The refugees and displaced peoples in Greece continue to be our main focus.) It just seems like God is moving things forward one jigsaw puzzle piece after another.  He is creating an amazing new, and unique work.  It is taking shape, you can be involved, and impact history.  In days when evil is revealing it’s ugly head, God is doing something beautiful for many from the dark places of the earth.

Here are few highlights……

17457897_10154361751576630_618171222005834470_nPastor John Constantine from Birmingham, AL returned  to Thessaloniki for the first time after last year’s Pascha Easter service. It was amazing.  His church with other Arabic Churches in the US will start a base of ministry in Thessaloniki together with us.  John’s sister, Samia, came to check it out and she was inseparable with Maria.  They visited all our refugee friends here in Thessaloniki, in Athens, and some in a hotel near Albania.  Many in Athens were waiting to leave for Europe, but were crying when they got to see Maria one more time.  Samia translated, explained, and prayed with them.  They were all very receptive and remarked that they will never forget the love that they experienced in Greece.

17353121_10213469664235253_1147600335214470020_nAlso we had a short, follow up visit from   Ed and Pam Apffel have become great friends.  After meeting them last year on the Refugee Challenge Trip, again in January in California, and then now they came to Thessaloniki again in March.  The promising partnership is very encouraging and exciting.  When we shared the dream of a community center helping develop futures and lives for the endless number of displaced people stuck in Greece, there was a lot of excitement.  Now we are exploring what that it might look like for training, relationships, and sharing our faith with thousands fleeing the terror of ISIS and war.  Soon there will be a video for the next Refugee Challenge trip this next September.

10488192_661918347210514_7113019706865522521_nRight now we have a team from CV Global also exploring how to boost the work in Thessaloniki and Greece for this opportunity for the nations of Middle East.   They too hope to establish a base for a steady flow of workers from Egypt. This is a great combination when the Arabic believers come and communicate the Gospel clearly as we share it non verbally. What an honor to receive so many great partners and believe that God will make an impact!!!   Please pray for these cooperations.  Please pray for the new ministry developments.  Pray for each relationship with all the very precious souls.

Also look for more about MIA Tribe new social cooperative enterprise and the charming products made by “the least of these”. May the Lord make this dream LEGAL ASAP….Greek bureaucracy kills dreams.

Also look for the relaunch of the AnaGenesis NGO hoping to run development programs and support hardship sufferers.

Also look for details on the June 19 & 20 Arabic conference here in Thessaloniki lead by Dr. Raif from Eastern Christian FM Church in New Jersey.

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