Because our work in Thessaloniki practices the gift of hospitality very strongly and hospitality is the great heritage of Thessalonian church since the Apostle Paul, our whole past year of refugee ministry has been full of endless teams coming and going one after another.  Without actually counting, I am guessing over 30 teams and over 500 volunteers have participated in small or big way together with our team here.  The teams have made it possible for our part in the Greek refugee relief ministry to make a difference.  And all the teams verify that just to get involved a little bit has effected their lives too.

The video clip is from the fun time that the Garstang, UK FM Church had here recently.  They were great. They signed up with Intervolve at the Softex camp.  They worked like dogs and had more fun than mice in a cheese factory.  They helped out with our refugee drop in center at the church.  They also got to distribute at the 1,400 member camp one day.  The video does not include those shots out of respect to the refugees. They did worship. They played and taught the kids.  Pastor Marcie Huson Potts preached a great message of hope.  The refugee believers all listened very attentively to the encouraging message by a woman for the first time and everyone said that her English is much better than Pastor Mike’s.  So we and they hope that she comes back ….like we wish for all our teams.

As great as the work is going and as much fruit that we are seeing, we have to confess a small problem. Maria and I have a financial problem.  The refugee ministry is excelling and has taken over our lives.  They are our friends.  They are our team.  When it rains, we think of them in the tents still.  When it is cold, how will they stay warm. Even our dreams when we sleep are frequented with Arabic and Farsi Persian. Everybody gives for the refugees and their needs.  We love serving them and loving them. But unintentionally, our support is about $5,000 to $10,000 behind.  We are not going hungry, but the mission insisting that this improves.  We are not worried because the one who One who told us to do what we are doing has all the resources in the world.  It would be unfortunate for the refugees if we have to stop the work and go to the US for raising support. Please pray that this problem is resolved.  If you know someone who can assist, here is the link.  A gift for the Longs Support

By the way, we will be in the United States in January to share about all the great things God is doing.