WDay #2 at St. Luke's Hospitale are praising the Lord for a successful Total Knee Replacement surgery.  Now the hard work begins to gain the flexibility for a strong joint.  After an early release from the hospital because of progress, the home has been regression to the reality of recovery.  Yesterday, we learned that my pain medication is the weakest medication available because of the dangers from my kidney failure complications back in 2008.  So anti phlegmatic meds must be avoided.  So the pain levels now make sense.  Yesterday, the physiotherapist worked the knee for the first time at home and declared that my surgically modified knee will be better than my other physiological knee.  Prayers are still appreciated during the recovery time.

In the meantime, the MIA Tribe social development coop company is speeding ahead and hoping for good sales of their personally made products will make the holiday season and give a boost to the beginning of this endeavor that will benefit so many unemployed, single mothers, refugees, immigrants, and others.  Please help by placing your orders now and sharing the opportunity with other churches, friends, and fair trade, cause made, ethical stores.  Please clik here for the online store with delivery around the world.  MIA Tribe online orders

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.  The only explanation why Mike is doing so well is all of your intercession before our Creator and Great Physician, Jesus.