God surprised me with a special friendship in the last month.  We met at her wedding but since then God has opened the door for us to encourage one another weekly.  Her name is Christine and she is Congolese.   Her husband is one of our doctors at the clinic.  A bright young man who speaks English quite well.  Christine does not know much English and she is new to Burundi.  She left her father’s home and her country this summer when she married.  She is an alien here just like me.  We have begun to meet together and practice speaking in the language we need to work on (I work on French, she works on English).  It has been fun to slowly get to know each other.  We end our time in prayer.  She shares her concerns and I share my struggles.  Then we pray out loud at the same time – Christine in French and me in English.  We are learning much from each other.  Last week she brought me a gift.  A traditional Congolese dress.  I am humbled by her generosity and grateful for this unexpected gift from God, a prayer friend.