Joel speaking, Bishop Elie translating greeting, Scott and Dave in background

Joel shares about calling in Burundi

Mexico City to Bujumbura

In the most recent World Mission People magazine, you can read a short version of how we ended up headed to Africa.  Here’s an excerpt:

Why would he ask Spanish-speaking missionaries serving four years in Mexico City to learn a new language (or two) and move to Africa?  Did his calling wires get crossed between heaven and earth?  We have had moments of uncertainty but our overwhelming sense of peace about this transition testifies that, like Abraham, God is calling us to leave our country, our people, and our family to journey with Him…(click to go to the digital version of the magazine)

The Communication Wheels Begin To Turn

Thank you for sticking with us over these last busy weeks.  We are gearing up for more frequent and meaningful communication.  Look for stories on prayer, on Burundi, and on our family transitions.  And look for stories about you, the individuals and churches who are joining us on this journey.  We are regularly on Facebook (Missional Millers) and occasionally on Twitter (see account info below).  Join us in as many of these venues as you like…and join the conversation- we value your input.