Josiah watching as candles are lit on his b'day cake in Machakos, Kenya

The Birthday Boy and His Cake

Josiah turned 5 on Sunday. We combined our Africa Orientation celebration dinner with his birthday party. Our family (of 40+ friends) for the last three weeks in Machakos joined us and we even had chocolate cake and ice cream!

Everywhere we go, people are entertained by Josiah’s expressiveness. When he is telling a story, his eyes and eyebrows are dancing. For better or for worse, he puts it all right out there. Thankfully, he is a happy kid and very flexible. He is amazed these days as it seems we are moving from country to country and city to city. As we drove up to the Mayfield guesthouse today, Josiah commented that he liked the country of Mayfield. While he is no geography whiz yet, we can all understand and appreciate the sentiment.

I’m praying that God continues to give him that adventurous spirit and that he will develop a sensitivity to and a love for this new world we’ve opened to him. Thank you, friends, for the prayers you’ve offered for Josiah. May God continue to be the strength in his legs and the song in his heart.