Hello, All

After a 3 hour delay because of a Typhoon in Japan, an open call for a doctor on both flights for an unknown reason and a 12 hr train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, I arrived in one piece with all 100+ pounds of luggage; so all in all a successful trip! Thanks again Tim for the ticket, what a blessing. But wow, was I exhausted when I finally arrived. On the train up, I was again blown away by the beauty of Thailand, right now its transitioning from the hot wet season to the cool dry season (which is the best time to be in Thailand), so we have a striking blue sky full of puffy white clouds that are constantly changing shapes and making their way across the sky.

When I did arrive at the train station I was meet by friends and family, but I think I let my friends down, when I told them I was going to bed instead of going to celebrate my return with them. After 48+ hours, all my body wanted was sleep! It was very nice though to be greeted by familiar faces.

I stopped by school the very next day (wed.) which was a half day. I said hello, ate lunch and then got my long-ish hair chopped off to better cope with the temperature. Thursday was my first official day at work, So with a half day of rest I was off and running. And what a first day. I found out that I’m teaching a different PE curriculum than the one I taught last year! (which means more curriculum planning) I also learned that I’m the head teacher of a PE class with 50 middle school students every day, not a helper as I was last year. Which brings my class total up to 5 (3 HS and 1 MS) + a Study hall. I also found out that I’m in charge of all the inter-mural sports that we run at the school starting with ultimate Frisbee which is just now getting underway! Then just last Friday I was asked to be the MC and Game master for “Kick-off” which is the first all Secondary school event (7-12th grade). It went really well and during the program I really started to feel that I was truly back into the full swing of things.

I’ve now been in Thailand for two weeks and I’m just now getting settled in. But as soon as I feel like I have everything under control, I start piling more things on to the to do list. First of which is to start Thai lessons, I figure its about time I learned, you see I kept putting it off because its a tonal language which mean you can say the word Hi 5 different ways and it means 5 different things …. not the best language for a tone deaf farang [Thai word for foreigner]. Also I begin the process of searching for and applying to Grad schools for next year. Which I’m quickly learning is no small process what with the GRE and Praxis tests to take, so I’m trying to freshen up on my math skills since my last math class was over 6 years ago. It’s safe to say I’m a little concerned. I will also be looking for jobs in England and applying to the JET program in Japan, as a back up to Grad school; the deadline for JET is November! So, with planning new curriculum, organizing and refereeing inter-murals, studying Thai, application deadlines and prepping for grad level tests my free time is quickly shrinking.

Finally an up-date on my financial standings:

Of the $6,000 of my total need $3,502 has been given. To think that over half of the money has come in just over a months time is astounding and show the power of prayer. I’ve been absolutely stunned to see where money is coming from, I’ve received support from all over the world, from Japan, Thailand and from over 8 different states in the US; from family, friends, family friends to People I’ve never meet; from Christians, non-Christian’s, business people and even missionaries. To be supported by such a diverse group of people is inspiring. God truly does work in mysterious ways. And to see missionaries especially those with kids at the school stepping up sends a simple message what I do in Thailand is appreciated and is important. Many of the staff and parents have said “Thanks for coming back” and every time I hear this, I want to tell them not to thank me but to thank my supporters. So, to all those who have contributed, thank you so much for your support, know that no matter how much you have given it has made a huge impact on me and GIS(Grace international school). Like a stone hitting water the ripples of your contribution reach out much further then just my being able to eat. It impacts each of my students all 170 of them, it impacts the kids I coach all 200+ of them, the countless kids who take part in various sports programs, and the kids we visit in the Refugee camps with the high school sports leaders. The support you provide makes all of this possible thank you for being apart of it, and for allowing me the chance to make an impact on kid’s lives.

If you are thinking about supporting me, but you figure the amount you could give won’t make that big of a difference, let me assure you that even a single dollar helps! A beach is not made up of one giant stone and beaches of medium or large rocks are not considered the best. The best beaches in the world are made up of millions of tiny grains of sand which together produce a fantastic feeling on ones feet! So too, every dollar helps, believe me; in Thailand a dollar goes a lot further then it does in the US.

Bellow is info on contributing:

Checks should be sent to the address bellow:

Rita Camden

5721 N Co. Rd. 1330 E

Russiaville IN, 46979

Make checks out to JOAM with Seth Williams on the MEMO line of the check (If my name is not on the memo line then it goes into the general fund)

JOAM is a registered 501(c)3 which means that the money you donate is tax deductible. When you send a check Rita (the accountant) deposited the check into JOAM’s (Jesus Open Arm Mission) account and then it’s transferred to my account to be used here in Thailand. She sends out quarterly receipts detailing what you gave (Check #, Date written, Date Deposited, the amount, and who it went to [ME]). These statements or receipts again are sent out quarterly, you will receive the receipt it just might not be right after you send in the check! If you decide to do monthly gifts these will all be broken down by each check.

If you are interested in making online or monthly deposits, I’m waiting to find out whether there is a routing number for the JOAM account, at the moment, I believe that checks are the only way to get money to my account with JOAM.

If you have questions about deductions or want to verify that Rita received the check you can call or e-mail her!

phone # 765-883-8331

e-mail: rcamden@ides.org

Thanks again for helping me return to teaching at Grace. I know that every one here is very appreciative, as I am, of your willingness to contribute and pray for me this year. Its been amazing to see how God rewards our faith in him.

Blessings and Much Love

Seth Williams

P.S. attached is a story titled “who says teaching isn’t dangerous!” I hope you enjoy ……Its kind of a day in the life of me …just not the best of days