One of the students ( Mr. Van Lian Thang) is pictured above that passed his exam with four subjects distinctions and who would like to study medicine but will need financial assistance. In Myanmar, there are very few Christian medical doctors so this is a very special opportunity the church has in Mynamar in transforming the culture.
Below is a letter about Pa Kep’s boarding school students and the results from their matriculation exams:

Praise from Light and Life Boarding School in Myanmar

In Myanmar every high school student wishing to further their education at a university must pass a very strict matriculation exam. During the school year there are six specific subjects that the students will focus on for this exam. Within the exam, there will be eight to ten questions per subject. The student will have three hours to answer the questions within each subject. The student must pass every subject within the exam to be given a passing mark for the exam. If the student fails one subject within the exam, they will not be given a passing grade for the exam. The student will then be allowed to re-take the entire exam the following school year. When the student passes the exam they will be allowed to then choose an area of interest to study at the university according to their grade marks on the exam. For example, if the student receives a mark of eighty or above per subject, the student can choose the medical field if desired. This is the most difficult exam that is offered in Myanmar and the average of students that pass this exam is only 30% per year, in all of Myanmar.

The Myanmar government has just released the results of the 2008-2009 academic school year for high school students taking this matriculation exam. After just finding out this years results, I am happy to say that eleven out of our seventeen boarding school students that were eligible to take this exam passed. One of our students even received four subject distinctions (eighty marks or above in four of his subjects).

Thank you very much for your prayers. God blessed our ministry once again this year through your faithful prayers. Please continue to pray for our ministry in Myanmar.

Our Boarding students in 2008-09 academic year.

A photo of Pa Kep’s fathers Church pictured above in the Chin State (the first FMC in Myanmar). His Church is wanting to re-build because of the condition but needs approximately $5,000 U.S. dollars for this project.