A Bible School, Pre-School and Youth Hostel Ministry

The FM Creative Access Country of MM rents all their buildings. The building pictured below on the right includes empty space on either side of the building on the right. Some of the space is used for gardening.

The building on the left is the pastor’s home that is shared with in-laws and students and also serves as the church.

The building on the right is where the nursery school is located and where one set of boarding parents live.

The building below is the same one used for the nursery school. The space on the right could be used to build another building.

This is the empty space not being used right now that could be used to build a building for one of the ministries. Just think of the great harvest that could be had off this property other than weeds that are growing on the land right now. Pray the Lord of the Harvest would provide the FM Creative Access Country of MM $25,000 USD to buy the land that includes the building and empty land on either side. For another $50,000-75,000 the two buildings could be built accommodating the other ministries of the church. Below are pictured the two empty spaces on either side of the building.

Pictured below is the building. It needs a bit of work. For $75,000-$100,000 this land with building could be remodeled and two new buildings built on either side to make a huge difference in the ministry in this country. Please pray for the needed resources.

Here I am pictured with one of the Bible School teachers. I’m wearing my gift given to me earlier in the afternoon. Don’t I look good in a sarong.
Pa Kep and I pictured below. Pa Kep is the pastor and director of all the programs.

Pa Kep, his wife and three children. His wife will deliver their fourth child in the coming weeks. Pray for Pa Kep as he, other leaders, and the recently graduated Bible School students go out sharing with others on the India/Myanmar border.

One of the sons of a teacher at the Bible School who needs to see God provide $25.00 a month for his tuition expenses for college. His dad (pictured in an earlier picture) along with many others in the country earn about a dollar a day. Many struggle just to be able to buy adequate food let alone pay for the cost of an education. Please pray for this young man that God would provide for his need.

Another student who will graduate top of his class and who also hopes to go on to college. His dream is that he too will be able to go to college. The cost per month for him is the same as for the young man above. Please pray the Lord would provide for his needs. He along with about 25 other students take their end of school career placement tests to see who gets to go on to college and who does not. Passing the test is but just one step in this young man’s educational future. Having the resources is quite another. Again praying for this young man and seeing God answer his needs along with all the other incredible needs in this country will be a miracle only God can can accomplish.

A couple pictures from the pre-school. The one below Don’s teaching the children the old hymn, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot with some actions.

Activities like the ones below are part of the full day nursery program for children. They get to learn about the love of God through their teachers.

Graduation Day

Pictured below Don is handing out gifts to the graduates as they also pick up their diplomas. Each graduate was given a devotional book, a Bible, and a copy of the book, “Purpose Driven Life” written in Burmese.
Don’s sharing the graduation address. He taught from John 13 and Philippines 2 challenging the graduates to do as Christ did and take on the form of a servant…humbling themselves.

Don illustrated the point by becoming a servant and washing the graduates feet and then inviting them to do likewise.

All the graduates got up and “took on the form of a servant” and ministered to those in the crowd.

And here’s the graduates. There were five that accomplished this great achievement in the first class of Light and Life Bible School. After the ceremony we all took turns eating a wonderful Burmese meal. See the picture below.

This last picture is one taken with Don standing in the middle of several people dressed in native costumes. They represent just a few of the people groups of this creative access country. It is included to remind you to pray for the many who have yet to hear and know the love of God. Please pray for the great needs of this country. There is much work to be done and such great resources are needed to accomplish all that the Lord has laid on the heart of the church.