Picture of proposed property that can be purchased.
Dear all friends in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the harvest field of Myanmar. I am very happy to request prayer and to share about our FMC ministry in Yangon City so that you can pray specifically for us.

Yangon is the capital city of Myanmar/Burma with about six and half million people. The religious atmosphere of Myanmar is predominately Buddhist, with only 6% Christian. The Yangon Free Methodist Church (my church) plant has 4 ministries which are helping to expand the Kingdom. These include: the worship center, boarding school for high school, child care ministry, and the Bible School. For all of these ministries 5 houses are being rented. As an explanation of the cost of these ministries please see the information below.

Church Plant (worship center): This is a house on a piece of land 60’ X 60’ with a large living room. The living room is used for worship at least 3 times a week for up to 50 people. The weekly prayer meeting meets here on rotation. This house also is the living quarters for the pastor, his extended family and two teachers (7 adults and 4 children). The average cost is about $80~$100USD. From tithes and offerings we raise about $70 USD for the rent. This income just covers the expenses of rent but other living expenses are covered from elsewhere.

Light & Life Boarding School: Two houses are rented; one (on a piece of land 60’ X 60’) for the boys and one (also 60’ X 60’) for the girls. There are 22 boys, 23 girls, and there are 3 adults with the boys and 4 adults with the girls. The cost is $700 USD each per year for boarding costs or approx. $60 per month. $60 X 45 = $2700 month. $300 rent at $150 for each house. These houses are more expensive because there are more individuals living here and this is the agreement with the landlord. This income over and above rent helps to meet the needs of the other ministries of the Church plant; e.g. teacher salaries, food for those who board and live in the compound, utilities, and transportation costs for ministry. There is very little left over after all the bills are paid.

Light & Life Child Care ministry: One house (on a piece of land 80’ X 60’) is being rented. This is primarily used for classrooms. There are two teachers who live here. There are approximately 30 children in the program. With $50 from tuition for 25 children and $50 for rent costs this income just covers the expense of rent. Teachers’ salaries and other expenses are covered from elsewhere.

Light & Life Bible School: One house (land is 60’ X 45’) is being rented. There are 8 students boarding at the Bible School. This house includes the library (so far very small) and the two classrooms. There is 1 adult living with these students. $500 income comes from scholarships for the students. Each student pays $100 each per year. With $500 from scholarships/12 months = $41 month. This income doesn’t cover the $50 a month rent expense. The totals cost is approx. $2900 for the year. We’re short about $1600.

If there was the purchase of a piece of land with a small house and fence (100’ X 60’ ), then it would afford the Yangon Free Methodist Church Plant a great deal help. On the land a ministry center could be built with each of these ministries in mind. The funds now used for rent could be redirected to ministry needs. All of the ministries could be consolidated to save on labor and increase fellowship and community. The situation of each ministry would be more stable without the question of rental agreements not being renewed. More activities could be scheduled which would build community within and serve the community without.

Please pray for our most and currently important need as follow:

1. To buy land so that there is a permanent place for the FMC Yangon ministries.(100’ X 60’ ), of land with small building and fence may be purchased for approx $25000USD.

2. The second important need is to support Light and life Bible college and approximately U$ 350 need for each month.

3. The Third need is to support Light and Life Childcare center approximately need U$ 200 for rent and teacher salary each month.

This morning the landlord of LLCC (100’x60′) with house and phone (in Myanmar phone is about $3000) contacted me and told me that he will sell his land for USD $ 21,000. He requested me to answer if I can buy or not within 10 days. If I can not answer to buy he will sell the property to another person. (This amount is very important for our ministries to have this money and we will no longer need to think about buying land and the money spent on rent can be used for ministry.) The Boarding School may have about $3,000USD to help buy the land. So we urgent need $18,000 to buy this land.

Thank you very much for concern for us here in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). May the Lord guide you as you think and pray about the needs that I have shared with you. Thank you very much again for your prayers.

In Christ,

Pa Keep
Yangon, Myanmar( Burma)