Sy singing for grandma and grandpa.
Our three youngest with John and Hillary Darland’s three eldest (our kids second cousins).
Grandma Williams listening intently to Sy’s singing.
Grandpa Williams and Don listening to Sy sing.
The two Josiahs…a Williams and a Darland.
Michaela, Josiah, Katelyn with Grandpa Kugler.
Josiah with Uncle George Kugler who’s just given Sy a winter outfit for college.
Kathy putting a big squeeze on her dad.
Grandma and Grandpa Williams looking at some pictures on the laptop.
A pose for the camera with the grandkids.
Family Camp with our Sierra Pacific Coast Free Methodist Family.
Kathy and Don helped with the children’s program at family camp. Here the children are dressing up in hill tribe outfits.
Sy and his family camp buddies acting out a song entertaining the crowd! Always the showman.
Kathy with her dad. We had a wonderful time with our parents though way too short.