Life Inside and Outside the Williams Household

Bonzai, the girls new kitty. Yeah, dad got suckered into a “replacement” pet.

Sy leading workship in his last chapel of the year.

Our friends, Tom and Janet visiting us from Texas.

Katelyn and her buddy from the Agape Orphanage playing in the pool.

Katelyn enjoying the last Agape Home event of the year with her buddy.

Parent appreciation ice cream social.

A school board dinner welcoming those new to the board and celebrating the service of those who are departing.

Spouses joined in the board dinner celebration.

Sy with his buddy from Agape Home just about ready to launch him from his shoulders.

And Sy’s buddy is off like a rocket! Memories of when dad used to do this with Sy.

An end of year celebration with all the Thai staff enjoying an incredible Thai meal.

Some of the Thai staff getting ready to be served a delicious meal.

Here are some more Thai staff who work at the school making Grace possible.

Sy and his buddy Brad leading the senior chapel in a time of prayer.

Sy pictured here doing what he loves best…worshipping the Lord!