Katelyn’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday at the Reservoir
Traveling back to shore after the sleep over with the house boats in the background.

Looking back at the houseboats from the longtail boat.

Saw this baby monkey back on shore. Everyone wanted to take it home with them.

Shaved ice on a hot day made for a wonderful treat after arriving back on shore. Most of us had two and one of us had three. Bet you can’t guess who that was.

Kathy kept busy staying ahead of the eight teenage appetites. Here she is cutting up green mango, a missionary kids favorite fruit.

Katelyn with her back to the camera and her five girlfriends who helped celebrate her 16th birthday.
We shared some amazing food and fellowship.

And here are the friends wishing Katelyn a happy 16th (see the fingers?).

Sy and some yummy watermelon in season right now.

Katelyn and her friend from the states, Morgan visiting with her parents at the end of break. Here they’re pictured in the Night Bazaar.

We went to the Night Safari next to our home here in Chiang Mai and Michaela wanted her picture with one of the stuffed animals for sale in the gift shop.

A picture from just up the hill from our backyard. The spot is a Buddhist Temple called Doi Kam. We went up there to show Morgan and her parents the incredible view.

Here’s Sy at Katelyn’s 16th cleaning up at the end of the day. He was having some fun with the shampoo.

Here’s the gang once again just before Katelyn open her gifts.

Katelyn excited to see Morgan from the states.

Katelyn and Morgan on the balcony of Doi Kam being “cool”.

Morgan and her dad.

Morgan and her mom.

Kathy behind the shutter again and Sy at home not wanting to be a part of a “girly” outing. And here you have Katelyn, Don, and Michalea enjoying the porch at Doi Kam.