We all began 2013 on the right foot as the Greek expression goes.    With one big step, we entered into the new year at midnight jumping from our left leg to our right.  In faith, we are believing for a great year and hoping the same for you as well.  Aaron’s right foot was sanctified to enter the Tabernacle (Ex 29). We were 20 persons in the church jumping into the new year with our right foot.  Symbolically, we expect everything to be right and good for what lays ahead.  Of course, it was all the Africans from our congregation praying in the new year like all the other believers of Nigeria traditionally celebrate New Year’s.  Maria is holding a littlest one.  Our Thessaloniki church is blessed by asylum refugees finding a spiritual home.  Here is another picture of our church “dancing” !

Since our last post we have had the joy and honor of baptizing three persons (Iranian, German, and Greek) and we are now preparing for our third wedding this next Sunday.  A Reach Team of 5 interns has joined us for six months.  They are stepping in and making a difference.  A YWAM team of 16 from Hernnhut, Germany ministered in Thessaloniki for two weeks.  They braved our future guest room, food bank, and prayer room without heat.  This is a new ministry that we hope to get off the ground soon. The YWAM-ers were a boost and blessed us.  One of our leaders, Todd, took the group to two Gypsy communities in Thessaly middle Greece.  We came back rejoicing that two persons prayed for salvation on that day.  We are praying for a Gypsy revival. We also made a trip to Istanbul, Turkey again.  By slight miracle, we got to connect with a house of prayer there, a Turkish church, and a FM connected Pastor named Dima.  Also on Dec 14, an all night youth worship and prayer vigil joined several groups in praising the Lord until early morning.   All this plus the holidays celebrations made the end of 2012 amazing.

In this month ahead, a Spring Arbor team of 7 with Ken Brewer are holding “Inner Healing” ministry on Jan 11-13 in Thessaloniki and on Jan 18-20 in Athens.  We are excited about the benefit of heart healing miracles and we ask that all of you are praying for the many broken heart souls in Greece.  Also later in the month on Jan 23-25, we get to host a gathering of the Balkan prayer intercessors.  We are dreaming of more prayer and worship over Thessaloniki.

We are deeply grateful for our financial supporters.  In a time when financial collapse is eminent all around us, every sacrificed dollar for the work here is a huge blessing and boost.  Our support ended $12,600 in the red for 2012.  Please pray with us for this difference.  Those who the Lord tugs on their hearts, may contribute at https://give.fmcusa.org/long

Bicycle trips planned for May 6-10 on Corfu for St Jason tour (possible June and Sept) and Oct 19-26 the St. Paul tour from Philippe to Corinth.