On Jan 10th, the 8 member team from Spring Arbor University with Dr. Ken Brewer arrived in Thessaloniki. The Wounded Heart Seminar Series began that weekend. Issues of the heart were placed on Dr. Jesus’ healing table.  Worship, Teaching, and Prayer broke through on Sunday afternoon.  Small signs of God’s deep working appear when words were spoken into lives and past emotional pain.  Relief was testified from arm and back pain. The beginning of diabetes healing was declared. Tears, joy, and celebration filled our meeting place as the Lord worked in the hearts of his children.

The next weekend the team ministered the same teaching in Athens.  From the street people of the Mercy Center, to university students of Streetlighs, and to St. Andrew’s International Church, opportunities for ministry abounded and God encouraged many weary souls.  The days were full of interaction with people, visiting sites, and making a difference in the hurting hearts of Athens. Many reports of God’s healing were recorded in emails. Thank you for praying for the mission.

During the last week of January, a small group of key intercessor leaders from Romania, Bulgaria, fryo-Macedonia, Albania and Greece gathered at our church here in Thessaloniki. 20-some leaders longing for revival and a move of God in the Balkans.  It was a great honor to host such a meeting and to believe that God will bring it about.  Along with so many others, may the leaders of these neighboring nations of the Balkans unite in prayer until God shines his light brightly in this dark region of Europe.

In reflection over this past year, God has honored the work in Thessaloniki with so many blessings.  There were 7 baptisms with believers from Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Afghanistan and Iran.  Prayers for salvation have prayed with gypsies, Muslims and even one Buddhist.  There have been 4 weddings.  Ministry to the homeless has started this past winter. Roma ministry is growing.  A Jason’s Place (Acts 17:5) for a prayer room, food bank, and hospitality is taking shape and hopefully will be running soon to service the body of believers in Thessaloniki.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the work in Greece.  The few thousand dollars short fall from 2012 was covered by our partnership and travel fund.  It would be helpful for supporters to register their commitments as mission finance during these very tight days at https://freemethodist.wufoo.com/forms/z7s1q3/  The financial crisis continues to worsen in Greece. We are tired of talking about and praying for mercy and favor.  New taxes and fees are everyday news.  7 Greek members of our church have left Greece for jobs elsewhere.  Your support makes a difference during these difficult times …  https://give.fmcusa.org/long