July 31, 2017

FINALLY!!! New Coop for Social Aid approved by Greek Government

Since October of 2016, a small group of unemployed, refugees and migrants have been striving to start a Coop company for social benefit.  The monster resisting their persistent perseverance was and is bureaucratic lethargy and governmental complexity.  Lead by none other than Kali Long, this amazing group has finally gained approval to legally launch the exciting […]

July 8, 2017

Over 250 refugees attended the three concerts!

Three amazing days in June 2017 with refugees and Arabic music concerts Thanks to FM Pastor Raif Azab  from New Jersey and the Good News Team from Egypt for coming to Thessaloniki.  It was a huge undertaking and the team here in Thessaloniki did great.  It was a great honor to share God’s love with […]

June 5, 2017

I am so sad … why are lives wasted?

I just found out that an amazing young man named Mohammed killed himself three days ago on the railroad tracks behind a refugee camp.  I so enjoyed talking to him 10 days ago and I hoped to talked to him again.  Unfortunately, I will never see him again. He is gone. What a shame!!!  He had […]

May 15, 2017

Thessaloniki Number 3

Last week Pastor Raif Azab from Eastern Christian FM Church in Jersey City arrived in Thessaloniki for a few days and he asked me which Thessaloniki is this… number 1 or number 2.   I thought to myself this Egyptian is really bad at geography.  So I tell him this city is neither number 1 […]

April 8, 2017

Amazing March Partnerships

Another month zipped past and now Pascha Easter is before us.  God has blessed us with an amazing month of connecting with new partners for ministry. (The refugees and displaced peoples in Greece continue to be our main focus.) It just seems like God is moving things forward one jigsaw puzzle piece after another.  He is […]

February 22, 2017

OH, to have beautiful legs to bring more good news!!!

The Bible says “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Rom 10:15). Of course, all of you know that in Greek feet and legs are the same word.  So I keep on asking God to make my legs especially my knees beautiful to bring God’s news to the masses.  Last Thursday, […]

December 24, 2016

Asylum seeker gets Christmas gift from Greek government ….finally!!!!

After four long years in Greece, one of our developing leaders, Ahmad, from Iran finally was granted Asylum status this week by the Greek government.  His testimony begins at the 1.45 mark of the ITEC video above.  He is yet another testimony of a refugee finding faith in Jesus Christ.  A miracle of God’s amazing […]

November 18, 2016

A year of teams and refugees

Because our work in Thessaloniki practices the gift of hospitality very strongly and hospitality is the great heritage of Thessalonian church since the Apostle Paul, our whole past year of refugee ministry has been full of endless teams coming and going one after another.  Without actually counting, I am guessing over 30 teams and over […]

December 30, 2015

Where are the workers for 2016?

During the holidays, we have been traveling to the gas station near the border to make friends and give out NT’s to the refugees waiting there.  Sometimes there have been 20 buses and about 1000 refugees just mingling around for hours and sometimes over night.  Of the four days that we went, each time there […]

December 25, 2015

Baby Jesus was a refugee too

Joseph and Mary slept in a barn which was better than the tents that the refugees sleep in.  Baby Jesus was born without a doctor and laid in a manger.  Many babies have been born in the refugee camps.  I even heard of a baby born on a raft in the sea crossing from Turkey to […]

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