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October 22, 2013

New Church Plant and Transitions

531966_199081430274539_1833057556_nNew Church Plant and Transitions

New Church Plant

We are pleased to announce our newest church planting project. The Elienai Community Church is located on the island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.  The recently rented a facility and also run cultural and social events during the week. The church is led by Pastor Carmelo Palmés.

Leadership of Elienai FMC

Community Church Planting


The FMC in Spain recently hosted Bruce Bennett, Director of One Mission Society (OMS), South Africa.  He was in Madrid to present the vision for CCP. We invited pastor and leaders of the FMC in Spain and Europe to hear first hand this model of church planting. Bruce developed the Community Church Planting (CCP) model that has been used to facilitate church planting projects in several African and Asian nations. He is helping the FMC in Spain develop a strategy for CCP. Our plans are to begin training pastors and leaders in January 2014.

Bruce (c) praying for pastors and leaders

New leadership team in Rivas


We are pleased to announce the transition of associate pastor Ángel as the new lead pastor of the Rivas church. Josh has been the pastor of Light & Life FMC since it began in 2005. Visa missionaries Fernando and Liliana will be part of the ministry team in Rivas. This change will allow Josh to have more interaction time with the other pastor and leaders or our FM churches and house churches being planted in the country. Josh will also coordinate the Community Church Planting model in Spain.


Josh introducing the new ministry team

Pray for:

  • Continued development of partnership building opportunities.
  • New ministry team in Rivas: Angel, Fernando and Liliana
  • Community Church Planting training that is planned for January.

Praise God for:

  • New church plant in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
  • Godly committed leaders in our FM churches.
  • New supporters added this month. We are thankful God continues to touch hearts to give financially.

The Partnership Affirmation Process

The Partnership Affirmation Process enables Free Methodist World Missions to thank our ministry partners and provides a clear path for donors to communicate their intent to invest in worldwide ministries and to partner with national leaders and missionaries.

We encourage individual donors and churches to prayerfully follow these steps in determining what they will give during 2014.

Read more on how to participate:

Support the ministry now…

Would you consider supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country? We are currently at 80% of our Missionary Support Account and 50% for the Country Support Account. Please consider making a special gift, so that we can finish the year in the black.

You can give directly on line:

Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The Fajardos.

October 11, 2013

Summer to Fall 2013

Summer to Fall 2013

As many of you know we traveled for most of the summer in the USA visiting our supporting churches. We traveled from Madrid to New Jersey at the beginning of June to meet Josh who had traveled to America  two weeks earlier. During the months of June thru August we visited churches in NJ, NY, DC, PA, FL and WA. Participated in a 2 weeks youth camp in PA and 4 Annual conferences.IMG_0376

It is always exciting and encouraging to visit the churches and the people who support the FMC work and us in Spain. It would not be possible to do what we do without their prayer support and their commitment to support us financially. We have seen our MSA and our CSA go up this summer and we praise God for that and we thank ALL of you who partner with us in this great adventure.


The leaders of the FM church in Rivas held the fort while we traveled ;and did a great job at it without us. We thank God for all the gifted people he has brought to our Rivas church.  

You can pray with us:

Work for our church members. We have a number of people looking for work in this economy. Currently 26% of the work force in Spain is out of work.

We are praying for a youth leader in Rivas.

Praying for our Community Church Planting training to be held in Rivas. Mr. Bruce Bennett himself will be facilitating the workshops.

Praying for our European Leaders Conference in Portugal this November.

Once again our church will participate in the twice a year flea market held by our town. Proceeds from the sales will go to the local ministry fund. Asking God for the opportunity to meet new people and be able to once again reminding our community that we are here and that our doors are open to al

We are grateful for:

Safe travels ALL summer long and the chance to reconnect with friends and family. 

Gods provision for our daughter Gabriela as she stayed back in America. She is finishing high school and making plans to start college January 2014.

The increase on our MSA/ CSA.

July 1, 2013

Summer in USA

I am writing to you from a cabin room at the Penn –York campground.

We are in the USA for partnership building like we do every summer since 2007. As most of you know we spend every summer visiting our major supporting conferences, many churches, and individuals to personally thank and to ask to continue supporting our work in Spain. 

It is a pleasure to be a part of this year’s YAC camp, directed by Pastor Chuck Jewell.

Last summer we met him at Keystone Annual conference and the very same night we met, after talking about what he did for the conference, Josh asked if he would come to Spain to help with our first Urban summer camp scheduled for August. He accepted and God opened doors for him and his wife Suzy to be there with us for 10 days teaching our youth leaders and sharing from their many years of camp experience as well as facilitating many of the camp’s activities. Their visit to the Rivas church proved again to our leaders and church members that we (the FMC) are a connectional church and what that means; that people are willing to give of their time and resources to go wherever needed.

This year we get to spend 2 weeks at their summer camp sharing with the youth from Keystone conference. The second week of camp, Eliezer Fernandez will join us all the way from our Fm church in Lanzarote, canary Islands . Eliezer is our youth director in Lanzarote and we are convinced this will be a growing experience for Eli. We get to enjoy this beautiful setting while seeing how God has used Pastor Chuck and his team for many years in youth and camp ministry. Who would have thought all of this would be possible only a short year ago?

From here we continue on to VA, FL., WA and PA again, until our return to Spain mid- August.


Pray for:

  • Continued development of partnership building opportunities.
  • God’s protection as we travel this summer.
  • For Fernando and Liliana as they return to the US after serving eight months in Spain. Pray as they share about the work in Spain, while visiting churches and supporters. They will return to Spain in September.
  • For the Church in Rivas, and for Pastor Angel while we are stateside. 

Praise God for:

  • Godly committed leaders in our Rivas church that have stepped up while we are away.
  • New supporters added this month. We are thankful God continues to touch hearts to give financially.
  • The opportunity to reach kids in Rivas with an Art Camp this coming September. We are still looking for a few volunteers. Lets us know if you are interested in joining the team.

Would you consider supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country? You can give directly on line:

Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The Fajardos.


May 20, 2013

MAY 2013







April’s highlight was the Prayer Journey. We had a group of  people come to Madrid to travel from here to the south of Spain. What was their journey and its purpose? To pray for the nation of Spain and its people as they travel thru some of the most historical and important cities of Spain: Madrid, Toledo, Cordova, Sevilla, Itálica and Granada.

I asked Lori, one of the participants to share the experience in her own words. This is what she wrote:

I recently was blessed to be part of the group that traveled to Spain for the prayer journey. As the group loaded on the bus to travel over twelve hundred miles we went with expectant hearts. We knew God had called each one of us to come and pray for Spain.

 It is hard to express in words how God touched my heart during the ten days we traveled across Spain. We got to experience not only the culture, but the history of Spain. My eyes were opened to the many challenges that Spaniards face. One being the unemployment rate of 27%. I witnessed a man get out of his car to dig through the dumpster, my heart sank.  The scripture whispered to my ears……”feed my sheep”. This was just the beginning.

 We prayed on the bus as we traveled to each city. God was with each one of us as we went out on the street to pray for the cities as well as with people He led us to. As we walked the cobblestone streets we saw a man on the corner with lottery tickets pinned to his jacket to sell. I felt drawn to him. We asked if we could pray for him and he motioned for us to come around the corner where a shop worker told us he was deaf. I asked her to ask him if we could pray for him. He shook his head yes. I also asked if I could touch him he also said yes. I put my hands on his ears and prayed. His eyes filled with tears and as we ended the prayer he hugged us. Clearly God had touched him – and us. I have thought of him many times since that day and continue to pray for him.

This was just one of many experiences. Every person on this trip came back different as God used us and opened our hearts to Spain. We will all continue to pray for Spain and for the people as we will forever be connected. We all felt blessed to be a part of God’s plan.

Thanks to Josh for all you did for us . We were all excited to be part of the first prayer journey in Spain and look forward to participate in the next one.










Prayer Request:

Pray for the unemployment situation in Spain. Specially for our church members currently out of work and desperately looking for employment.

Pray for our leaders. For spiritual growth, for motivation and inspiration day by day as they seek God´s purpose for their lives.

Pray for us ( The Fajardo´s) as we travel to the US this summer for partnership building.Josh leaves this week to attend Genesis  and KeyStone annual Conference. The rest of the family will  join him at the beginning of June.

Praise Report:

We praise God for a safe and rewarding prayer journey.

Praise God for the new families he is bringing into the Rivas church.

Also, Would you consider supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country? You can give directly on line:

Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The Fajardos.

March 13, 2013

MARCH 2013

MARCH 2013


GREETINGS FROM MADRID SPAIN. We want to bring you up to date on what is happening in the FMC of Spain. By now you probably know that we have three churches that are alive and well.

Iglesia Emanuel (Lanzarote) Olive Branch (Murcia) and Luz y Vida ( Rivas) .

Lanzarote, Canary Islands. The church of Lanzarote continues to focus on the youth. Pastor Vito is a natural evangelist and a great Youth leader. 50% of the church is made up of young people. Also, a new member was received at the Lanzarote church (Carmelo Pálmes). He will be assisting Pr. Vito, while also starting a new work in Fuerteventrua, an island adjacent to Lanzarote, a 30 minute ferry ride away.




Olive Branch, Mazarrón, Murcia.

Pastor Ralph and Margaret Locke lead this church, which is made up of British expats, most of them retired who now live in the south of Spain. We had the opportunity to visit this weekend and participate in a woman’s ministry Margaret is involved in called Aglow. Sunday Josh shared the word in Sunday service. They continue to reach the lost in their area.

Luz y Vida, Rivas Madrid.  Josh and Angel continue to encourage people to deepen their commit to the Lord and His church. After our annual assembly last January we have new people in leadership in the area of Christian education and women’s ministries. Mari Carmen and Patricia were voted in by the congregation to lead our women’s ministry. Vanessa was selected to lead children’s ministries. Thank God for these women who are making a stronger commitment to our local church. We thank God for the addition of two new families to the church family in the last three months. God is blessing and divinely providing for the local church financial needs.


Ways in which you can support us in prayer :

  • Pray for continued support for 2013. We need to be at 75% committed for our MSA by April 1st.
  • Our CSA funds will not be transferred to Spain unless it has been received. CSA fund helps us expand the FM work and it is crucial for training Pastors and National leaders.
  • That God will continue to reveal his perfect will for every church mentioned above and their cities.
  • Pray for Fernando and Liliana our VISA missionaries who arrived last December. Their plan is to lead a PIC  (home group) in the Northern area of Madrid. Since their arrival they have been contacting people in that area and letting themselves be known. They are helping in the Rivas church with preaching and teaching and also helping with a compassion ministry that is led by a couple from the Rivas church.


If you would like to part of supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country, you can give directly on line:  or

Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The Fajardos.

February 23, 2013

Busy days ahead….



The Christmas and New Year celebrations are passed us now and February is coming to a fast end.  I am already hearing and reading from different sources about Easter programs for this year. WOW! Time is flying by… does that mean we are having a ton of fun?

Before I go on, our family wants to give a sincere THANKS to all of you who contributed financially to our ministry. Because of all of you and outside funds, such as “ Love Europe” we were able to break–even in 2012.  PTL!

THANKS to our Area Director Jerry Coleman and our Administrator Larry Winkles for their resourcefulness and involvement in making sure we finish out the year with balanced budgets for both our missionary (MSA) and our country account (CSA). Also, thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and thanks for your emails and letters of encouragement.

January was a busy month for all of us, especially for Josh.  Right after our annual church assembly in Rivas, he traveled to the US for annual missions conference at the Cornerstone Church in St. Petersburg FL; Rochester NY for meetings at the seminary and college Roberts Wesleyan, and visited with leaders at Pearce Memorial FMC and Northgate FMC.


He was encouraged for the opportunity to meet with some pastors and leaders in the Rochester, NY area, while enjoying the freezing temperatures (not a joke, he really enjoys the cold weather).


This month Josh will travel to Emanuel FM church in the Canary Islands for meetings with the church leadership there.  All the while continuing to Pastor our Rivas church with the indispensable help of our associate Pastor Angel. He will also meet with leaders about future work in nearby islands.


Ways in which you can pray this month:

¨     Pray for the Rivas church. The economic crisis is affecting the church members and we may not be able to continue in the current building.

¨     Pray for Pastor Vito, in Lanzarote. He is unemployed and is considering other options.

¨     Pray for continued support for 2013. For our MSA and CSA. As of now we only have 53% committed to our MSA. We need to be at 75% by April 1st. The country support account (CSA) is at 41%. Funds will not be transferred to Spain unless it has been received. This fund helps us expand the FM work and is crucial for training pastors and national leaders.


May God bless you!


Josh and Susy


If you would like to part of supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country, you can give directly on line:  or


Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or The “Fajardos”.


January 13, 2013


It is a new year already and I don’t know about you, but for me this past year flew by and some times it feels like it was never going to end, do you know what I mean?

In our church in Rivas 2012 we declared it “The year of God’s faithfulness “ and we thank God that we have truly seen his faithfulness in big and small ways.

Two big events took place in 2012  in our church building (more like a warehouse) This past August we had a Youth Urban Camp with the Lanzarote and the Rivas church. We were able to accommodate all the youth right in the building and some of the leaders as well. November we had our first ever Prayer conference weekend; we invited all the leaders from our churches in Spain as well as other churches to join us in prayer, and even some USA supporters came and blessed us greatly. Again, hosting the whole weekend right in our building. We would not have been able to do anything like this in our previous facility.

We thank God for this building, its location and square footage, for it allows us to do things at a lower budget. As I mention before, this building is really a warehouse so it does get cold in the winter, we have some heating but not enough. Please help us pray that God will provide for proper heating so we can use the building as much in the winter as we do in warmer weather!

Giving Thanks…

¨     Thank God for his faithfulness…

¨     Thank God for our supporters; those who give and  those who pray regularly for us.

¨     Thank God for the new people in our church.

¨     Thank God for our daughters’ good grades this year.

¨     Thank God for spiritual growth and maturity amongst the leaders of our Rivas church.

Ways in which you can pray:

¨     Pray for adequate heating in our church building

¨     Pray for more financial support. Even though we have made really good progress compared to last year, we are still 10,000 in the red.

¨     Pray for continued support for2013 for our MSA and CSA. As of now we only have 50% committed. The country support account (CSA) is crucial to help us transition to national leadership. Consider funding the future of the FMC in Spain.


If you would like to part of supporting Spain and the FMC church in this country, you can give directly on line:  or

Or you can send checks to: FMWM, 770 N High School Road, Indianapolis IN 46214. Please include a note designating Spain or ¨The Fajardos”.

Please pray about supporting our ministries with a special New Year gift!

Also, please encourage your church to continue or perhaps even increase missions giving in 2013.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Thank You for being a blessing to Spain and to Us. We wish you new blessings and new mercies in the New Year.








November 24, 2012

Prayer Conference November 9-11, 2012

The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth. He grants the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cries for help and rescues them. Psalms 145:18,19


This was our theme verse for the prayer conference. This was an awesome weekend of prayer! The program included concerts of prayer, a prayer walk in Rivas and evangelism in our local produce market, concluding with a Sunday morning service dedicated again to prayer.

In preparation for the weekend, Josh set up an invite on FB so people and supporters anywhere could join us by selecting a time to pray during the weekend.

Our church members posted flyers throughout Rivas … bus stops, businesses, metro line and high traffic areas of our town. We also distributed invitations by hand to individuals on the streets and in mailboxes. We’ve done this type of massive invitation before with no results, but this weekend we were blessed to have an entire family of four showed up because they saw our flyer at a bus stop. PTL! They continue to attend our church since that weekend. While others came to at least one of the weekend activities, because of the information posted all over town.

We would like to thank individuals that made an extra effort to attend the conference. Lori Glossenger from South Canaan, FMC in Pennsylvania; Dayana Nardi from Tampa Spanish FMC in Tampa, Florida and our Europe Director, Jerry Coleman, from Budapest, Hungary.

Join our ministry in Spain by becoming a prayer and financial partner. Currently, we are in the RED by $10,000. Consider sending an extra gift before the end of the year. You can give electronically by selecting the following link:   Or if you prefer, you can send checks to: Free Methodist World Missions, 770 North High School Rd, Indianapolis IN 46214.  Note: FAJARDO´S MSA.


November 13, 2012

November Update





Thank you for reading our blog and being patient with me, as I get a bit better at blogging. I am thankful for all of you and your commitment to us .


What we’ve been up to the last few weeks… 


Participated in a town wide yard sale. Held twice a year once in the fall and the other one in the spring. Anyone can participate by signing up at neighborhood association.  The way it works is that we (participants) take what we want to sell to a designated public park and we all set up our little area like in a flea market.  Church members donated used items for the sale. We sold most everything; the money raised was used for the youth camping trip.


The youth had a 2-day camping retreat in “El berrueco”, part of a mountain range near Madrid. The main purpose of the retreat was to have the youth spend to days reconnecting with each other after the summer.  This was a spiritual retreat with team building activities. Please pray that we ca continue to invest in our youth for they are the future of our church.

If you would like to be part of supporting our ministry in Spain,  you can log onto to be directed on how to give electronically.  Or if you prefer, you can send checks to:  Free Methodist World Missions, PO Box 535002, Indianapolis IN 46253.  Note: FAJARDO´S MSA.


Youth Camping Retreat

October 12, 2012



Worship: the act of expressing our reverence and gratitude to our God.


We all know how important praise and worship time is during our church services and gatherings.

We would like to ask for your prayers for our small worship team here in Rivas. We are praying that God will bless our team and that He will put in their hearts a genuine desire to worship in spirit and truth.

Also that God will bless us with persons gifted  with music abilities, that will be willing to join and help consolidate our hard working team. We don’t have anyone in our congregation at this time that could help with this, so what we are really asking is for God to bring in someone new to our fellowship.  Someone that will fill the immediate need we have in this area.

This is our prayer…would you join us?

Susy Fajardo